Genius GOPer says he knows no black people, but blacks voted, plans to ‘find out what happened’

The head of the Republican Party in Maine is justifying the myth of voter fraud because he claims (and yes, he said this out loud) “Nobody in town knows anyone who’s black,” but black voters came in to vote on election day.

GOP State Chairman Charlie Webster is going to get to the bottom of this in order to find those who committed this imaginary fraud by sending thank you cards to voters, and seeing if they are returned to sender. That sneaky bastard! And if his sleuthing doesn’t pan out in his favor, the genius can just blame the fact that he allowed his plan to be aired, on film.

So, we need to ask Mr. Republican what they have done with all of the African Americans/Blacks in his area, because clearly, in today’s world, they exist — just as they did in yesterday’s world.  In addition, perhaps he hasn’t heard but, ‘those people’ are allowed to vote — cuz they are Americans and all that inconvenient stuff…


It gets weirder. Impossible, you say? He’s worried about the ‘dozens of black people who voted.’

Think Progress reports:

“In some parts of rural Maine, there were dozens, dozens of black people who came in and voted on Election Day. Everybody has a right to vote, but nobody in town knows anyone who’s black. How did that happen? I don’t know. We’re going to find out….”

I’m not politically correct and maybe I shouldn’t have said these voters were black, but anyone who suggests I have a bias toward any race or group, frankly, that’s sleazy.

He just called me sleazy. That’s not very nice. But what’s actually sleazy, is trying to hunt down Black people who voted, simply because you are so noninclusive that they avoid you like the plague.

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    Sssh! We’re hiding from him. He’s crazy!