GOP misplaces their Binders full of Women, House Committee to be chaired by all men

The contrast in our political climate is telling when Democrats throw support behind female candidates as much as men, and call out Republicans for their War on Women, and yet twelve of the major House committees will be chaired by men in the 113th Congress.  House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) announced who will chair all of the major House committees in the next Congress on Tuesday, while apparently disregarding any female possibilities, as if they are confirming their bias. So much for ‘soul searching.’ Certainly no one can say there are no worthy females for such positions — as Mitt Romney noted, he has binders full of them.

There isn’t one woman or minority included in the 19 House committee chairs — this is coming from the party, that now wants to be inclusive, after the election results poured in.










Via Politico:

After a day of meetings closed to the public, the House Republican Steering Committee announced an all-male slate of committee chairs, including 12 returning lawmakers who will head up some of the most important panels in Washington. The chairmen for the House Ethics Committee and House Administration Committee have yet to be chosen, so a woman could end up in one of those slots.

New chairmen include Reps. Jeb Hensarling of Texas atop Financial Services, Ed Royce of California on Foreign Affairs, Bob Goodlatte of Virginia on Judiciary, Lamar Smith of Texas on the Science, Space and Technology Committee and Bill Shuster of Pennsylvania atop Transportation and Infrastructure.

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan was the only lawmaker to obtain a waiver to bypass House GOP rules to remain as a chairman for a fourth term. He will lead the Budget Committee again.

Without one woman chosen to chair their committee, it’s revealing that Paul Ryan remains — Ryan is one of the most anti-female candidates in the GOP. Paul Ryan is considered by Republicans to be the intellectual member of their party, and that speaks volumes for the remainder of the GOP.  His budget has been deemed as cruel. Ryan extols the need for austerity measures, while refusing to touch defense spending, or raising tax revenue. Paul Ryan will not sit in the second highest seat of the land, but he remains in his Congressional seat representing Wisconsin. The soul searching Republicans have reportedly been doing, has had a hiccup. It appears they couldn’t find their soul, but instead of finding their life force, they hit the revolving door going back to that desolate, soulless space.

In stark contrast, House Democrats will likely have five women as ranking members committees.

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  • GOP

    What’s a ‘woman’?

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      You know, that thing you own that makes sandwiches and babies.

      • GOP

        Well why didn’t they just say so?

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        Where does one purchase such item? programmable? decent return policy? include safety features such as ” kill switch “? — single guy asking :-)

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          You would ask about a kill switch.

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    • Allison Pham

      Women are too stupid to govern as proven by history and common sense:

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        Kill yourself.

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        You need professional help.

      • Captain Obvious

        Actually, God stated that women should never be in control of anything per Timothy 2:12 … however that’s the same god that thought killing children and animals makes more sense than , you know, just freeing slaves.. so I couldn’t take him too seriously.

        • Jesus Christ

          He was trolling the evangelists when He said that. Trust me, He’s a lulzy God.

        • Allison Pham

          Dont’ worry. Atheists aren’t too bright:

    • Hank

  • anonymous92

    “Oh don’t worry, they’re lying about the bad stuff. The good stuff that I agree with will be their actual plan.” – every retard who voted GOP this election.

    • RWFG

      LOL you speak for everyone. How democratic.

    • Travis Burton

      How very open minded and tolerant of you

  • Stupid Americans

    I don’t even know why they are referred to as the ‘GOP’. I mean really? Grand Old Party? Why not just be referred as Republicans which they are.

    • Dipper Well

      GOP = Get OffMyLawn Party

      • John Jones

        Get Off Party

    • GOPer

      You mean Grand Ole’ Pooper?

  • BarryG

    C’mon, they’re all solidly “pro family” aka closeted gays. Woman make them sick.

    • Fred Smith

      That is a lie! They are not pro family.

      • BarryG

        Hence the quotes around pro family dude, hence the quotes. Unless “family” is used in kind of a mafia connotation with regards to crony capitalism. Then they are pro family in a big way.

        By a similar token, the leaders are “pro God” but in the new testament biblical sense of they being the modern Pharisees, that is the sense that they are all show and bluster, faith on their shoulder and illusion in their hearts.

  • Allison Pham

    This is what happens when you put women in charge of anything:

  • Dr Billy Kidd

    Women are the in the back seat as the Republicans drive the U.S. over the fiscal cliff and into bankruptcy.

    • BarryG

      Just like my college days!

    • RWFG


      Funny, I thought it was Obama and his flying monkeys in both the Senate & House who wrote, campaigned for, and jam-passed without reading, astronomically complex and expensive social welfare programs instead of shoring up the economy?

      I really love how you invent your own reality to glue yourself to a pointless political ideology.

      • Blurg Thespaceamoebathatatethe

        Aww glad that you love things. Keep it up!

      • anon

        dude, are you completely unaware of the game of chicken that the GOP in the HOUSE is playing with Obama? The house is responsible for passing legislature and taxes. Obama only carries them out. Inform yourself on how the government works.

        • RWFG

          I guess you forgot about the Senate. Not surprising, it’s filled with liberal criminals and we all know that liberals shelter their criminals very carefully.

          Say, didn’t the dems hold a majority in the Senate for the first two years of Zero’s administration? I bet they got a lot done during that time, right? HAHA!

          Oh yea – you forgot about the senate and the career public servants who only enrich themselves and continue to get elected because of your blind ignorance.

          You are woefully & terminally disconnected from the issues, and it is plain to see.

          Frankly, I am a bit shocked that you don’t know how this all works; but I understand that in order to swallow the idiot pill, you need to moisten your throat with other people’s money.

          I guess there was too much pot smoking going on in school. Well, there’s always liberal circlejerks where you can gather around and congratulate yourselves for having dismantled 50% of American wealth, put half the country on food stamps, and continue to soapbox on the internet while you do nothing of real substance and rome burns around you.

          Standard for the liberal existence.

          The GOP behavior of obstructionism is exactly what this country needs. The liberal agenda is too imbalanced, both fiscally and mentally. It closely resembles soviet social planning (no surprise, most liberals are closet communists) and the affect will be the same.

          But who cares right, at least you get a “free” phone, health insurance, and government cheese. You’re living large now.

          • tr143

            The Senate doesn’t originate budgets, dumbass. If you realized this you could have avoided writing eight paragraphs of nonsense, but my guess is you would have still written them anyway.

    • John Jones

      I thought the muslim was in the driver’s seat.

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    I keep thinking we are at the last gasp of the white male. Not quite yet. Soon?

    • Travis Burton

      A racist AND sexist! Typical liberal hypocrisy.

  • He-man Woman Haters Club

    Women are dumb hence the reason Obama is president. Because they voted with their vagina and not their brain. All hail the reason for America’s demise: Woman’s Suffrage. Can I get an Amen

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      trollers gonna troll

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      Hey hater, it was INCREDIBLY hard to vote with my vagina! I had fold my right leg into an impossible angle to get it done. Thank goodness for those yoga classes! What were we talking about now – shoes?

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        Haha. This made me laugh. Thanks.

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          You seem amused

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        Yes it really was hard. It was cold and windy that day too and the line was soooo long. Awkward!

  • Malcolm White

    GOP old guard making a last ditch effort to stay entrenched and clueless. America is still watching and giving two big thumbs down.

    • RWFG

      You mean half the country. If you recall, the better half isn’t enthralled with the idea of supporting everyone else.

      Consequently, your half is taking everything that the rest of the country worked for.

      It was tried before, and it will fail, for everyone.

      Contemplate that on your progressive “thinker” blog.

      • Sheesh

        How is it that you republicans conveniently forget that the red states are nearly all poor and the blue states rich? who are the “takers?” Republicans are.

      • tr143

        Why do you even come to this site? To spout nonsense and make veins in your forehead swell while you continue to support closet racists and sexists who make more money than you and tricked you into voting against yourself?

        • Travis Burton

          Closet racists and sexists sounds like liberals since that’s ALL THEY TALK ABOUT

          • tr143

            More like that’s all we see from your side. But go ahead – keep voting for tax cuts for the rich, and tax yourself even more. Hilarious to see Tea Partiers and Red Staters keep voting to keep themselves poor, uneducated, and uninsured.

    • Travis Burton

      Which is why the popular vote was nearly split?

  • Slacker

    Pelosi, Feinstein, Rice, Boxer, etc, etc, etc,….that’s OK, I’ll stick with the men’s club

    • Not a Vaginaphobe

      The men’s club isn’t looking too well these days. Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, John McCain (!), Paul Ryan, etc, etc, etc….that’s OK, you can have the men’s club. RIP GOP.

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    Commas. Learn when to use them, and when not to.

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      Topics. Learn to stay on them.

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      You don’t need that comma before the “and”, dude.

  • Juan Pablo Dos

    3 of 8 Republican House leadership positions will be filled by women in the 113th Congress.

  • Calling bush league

    80% of female governors are Republican. The most powerful woman in the House is still a Republican. Cathy McMorris Rodgers is more powerful than any Committee Chair.

    • Factcheck

      What asshole did you pull those statistics out of? They couldn’t be more wrong.

      • RWFG

        Got a source or should we just take your apparatchik script seriously?

  • Marion Miranda-Keane

    They have no respect for women, and never will. Action speak louder then words. But not for long the republican party is going down.

    • Travis Burton

      No respect for women?! You should see people’s comments on this blog. The things they call some women are terribly vile!

    • Steve Hayes

      If Democrats have so much respect for women, then why do they support the Sharia law? Look up Sharia Law Women in Google. BTW, Reublicans don’t support this law.

  • Chris Eltringham

    Its so funny as Americans seemingly only care about the Presidential race. Meanwhile, we have a dysfunctional body representing US. Its so sad! I could care less who occupies the Executive branch. its the two houses that concern me. So this tells me that the republicans have not learned their lessons after this election.

  • Lenny

    This is a pretty lazy hack-job.

    Obviously these positions should be filled based on merit, with no regard for gender or race. Whoever is best qualified for the job should take it.

    If you think that this isn’t what happened, that’s fine, maybe it’s not, but the very least you could do (if you wanted to write a half decent piece of non-yellow journalism, that is) is to name the female candidates you believe SHOULD have got the position, whom you imply didn’t purely because they’re women, whom you simply assume exist and are abundantly qualified without bothering to actually find out.

    Seriously, anomaly, if that’s your real name, I’m not THAT sceptical of the idea that sexism is at play in the GOP, it probably is, but writing a smear piece based only on an assumption of that fact is just purely devoid of journalistic integrity.

    So; name me, if you will, which of these chairs do you believe were contested by a woman who was more deserving of the position than the man who won it? You should be able to do that much, surely.

    Or maybe there is just some confusion on your part. You say that “certainly no one can say there are no worthy females for such positions — as Mitt Romney noted, he has binders full of them,” as if this proves an abundance of candidates. So you’re either ignorant of the fact, or deliberately ignored the fact, that positions on HOUSE COMMITTEES are to be filled by MEMBERS of the HOUSE; they don’t choose this shit from binders of ordinary citizens.

    • Ashley

      First off, I’d like to be honest for a moment and say that I am not familiar with females within the house of representatives, and therefore cannot come back to this comment with stinging intellect on who could fill these positions better,

      What I do know is that when you are staffing, it is important to diversify those who you will be receiving opinions from. There is the external merit of doing this, like not having articles like these published, but more importantly, there is internal benefits. By staffing with diversity in mind, you immediately become open to a broader array of opinions, better ideas, and inspiring more people within your workforce to speak up. All in all, you represent more people.

      So although I cannot name off 8 women I think could do a better job, I am sure there are women who can do the job well, and that could have been hired as a means to garner more perspective on the larger issues our representatives look into time and time again.

      • Lenny

        I don’t see that women have inherently different opinions to men on important issues.

        Moreover, these are the appointments for the heads of various house committees. The HEADS; not the only people in the committee, or the only people whose opinion these committees will consider. If you need a woman to head a particular committee in order to ensure diversity of opinions, then there is something deeper than leadership that is flawed.

  • No Shoes

    Lamar Smith of Texas on the Science, Space and Technology Committee. A man who does not believe in science is the head of the highest technical committee in Congress. That tells everyone they don’t care about governing just staying in power. Might as well put the Vatican in charge of NASA.

  • Just Sayin’

    The poor writing really detracts from the message of the article. There are a lot of misused commas, too.

  • Ta

    9 of 10 people in Obamas administration are men. Do you idiots care about that fact?

    • A Woman

      Not really. The Obama administration is not trying to hold women back, nor are they trying to paint themselves as pro-women. These are the same GOPers that would not vote for the Lily Ledbetter Act, such as Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Obama on the other hand, made signed it upon being sworn in.

  • Dandruff

    Aww, I wish real women were raising real men still. Now all we got are women acting like men and men acting like babies.

  • Theresa Santoro

    Why did not the women demand the leadership roles? So tired of this argument. Women need to stand up for themselves in Congress. Stop hiding behind the men, and than crying wolf. You want to lead? Then get another to nominate you and LEAD. Women are the worst enemies of women.

  • Trig

    OP is a beta fag.

  • mrsL

    I’m more interested in picking the most qualified person for the job, not just handing it to someone because of their race or gender – and the article doesn’t give any suggestions of who would be a good chair based on their experience and qualifications.