Grover Norquist proposes raising the debt ceiling ‘monthly if the President is good and weekly if he’s not’

Divisive anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist may have a few Republicans backing away from his pledge, but he’s ramping up his rhetoric. In 2011, our political climate was so starkly contrasted, that the debt ceiling talks almost ended in a default and our credit rating took a dive for the first time in history. Norquist is attempting to drive an even larger wedge between the two bickering parties, even though most Americans would prefer not to redo the 2011 fiasco.

Wednesday during an appearance on Playbook Breakfast with Mike Allen, Norquist proposed that Congress force President Obama into monthly debt ceiling negotiations, or even weekly “if he misbehaves.” Norqust went on to add that Obama should be put on a short leash.

They can have him on a rather short leash, you know, here’s your allowance, come back next month.

Norquist is not even an elected official and he has the unmitigated gall to suggest putting a leash on the President of the United States.


Via Think Progress:

ALLEN: Okay, wait. You’re proposing that the debt ceiling be increased month by month?

NORQUIST: Monthly if he’s good. Weekly if he’s not.

Grover is not paying attention; President Obama was reelected by the electorate vote and the popular vote. Can you say, mandate?  Obama ran his campaign on raising revenue through tax hikes on the rich.

Republicans wanting leverage should no longer be an issue. They lost handily to President Obama and Democrats and if they can’t meet Democrats halfway, then all bets should be off.

House Speaker John Boehner responded to his colleague Rep. Tom Cole breaking ranks, urging Conservative lawmakers to join him in supporting President Obama’s plan to extend the Bush-era tax rates to Americans making less than $250,000, “We’re willing to put revenue on the table as long as we are not raising rates.”

Again, the mandate? Norquist needs to listen to the American people or even some of his own colleagues. 


    Grover Norquist seems to have forgotten one extremely important obstacle to his idea. He hasn’t been elected to any office, either state or national. His proposal would only lead to further downgrade of our credit. Take a hike, Norquist. You’re not holding the economy hostage any longer.

  • Grover needs Time-out

    Grover Poopy-Head thinks pretending to be an adult/parent is actually acceptable? So far, the only adults I have SEEN in this entire discussion have been Bernie Sanders and Alan Grayson and, for the most part, Obama.

    What a petulant little brat

    • Mitt Romney

      I thought I was the Poopy Head. What a tough crowd. You give me the title, then take it away.

      • Shari Rhodes

        Grover, along with all other lobbyists and special interest groups, need to have their wings clipped and prohibited from dealing with members of Congress, Our Congressmen serve us, the people of the United States, not special interest groups.

  • Sally

    hey John, if you don’t raise taxes, it isn’t revenue. And, letting the Bush tax cuts expire is not NEW anyway, it’s just reverting back to when we were a properous country that worked for most people…you know, back when we had a Democratic President? Same as always. GOP=debt. Simple as that.

  • novenator

    I used to think Grover was just a dick, but now I see he’s a bit stupid too.

  • buffalo beano

    Grover Who.

  • spacepuppy

    The Wizard of Oz said it best. “Just ignore the little man behind the curtain”

  • LYG

    What a certified idiot. He really thinks he has the brass to keep Obama on a short leash? Now we all have seen what muslim-phobes there are in the GOP during this election. I wonder how they feel about Norquist being married to a Muslim woman from Kuwait. I think Grover needs to produce his birth certificate. Quick. Call Donald Trump.

  • drrichardpaul

    Grover Norquist is whom again? Can we actually say that this man is not insane?

  • AVRCStalker

    Does this guy really think he understands politics? He’s not able to enforce any of this! Sorry Grover, you are not the third wheel on this merry-go-round. If Boehner the House leader proposes a compromise with the Administration, it is neither your job to police it. Maybe you’d be interested in a diplomatic appointment in Benghazi! That would allow you to play a more active role in the way things are run, there was a position opened there recently. BTW it is not you role to offer a compromise to the Official Republican position of the Speaker of the House… You just don’t get it, your leverage is non existent in the role of serving either the House or Senate. And of course your other alternative is to run for office, then you might gain some, albeit little leverage, that is of course if you get elected…. The Republicans wonder why they have problems getting elected, YOU are one of the major problems today. Get your A#S out of Washington, NOW!