Grover Norquist says Obama is Old & Gray & has never been Civil with Those that Disagree With Him

Anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist — and I know this will come as a shock — is confident that the Bush-era tax cuts will be extended for two more years — and warns that failure to do so would be “devastating” to the economy. That’s Norquist’s mantra, however, his interview with the right wing site Newsmax is revealing into the mindset of the GOP.








With Obama’s signature legislation, the Affordable Health Care Act in their target, House Speaker John Boehner relaxed his stance recently, calling it the Law of the Land. Conservatives have tried repealing the new Law countless times, and the money we pay legislators to apparently, not work on actually legislating is unnerving.

Is there any way the House can limit or amend the program or are we stuck with it? Norquist was asked.

“He did make it clear that the goal of the modern Republican Party and the Republicans in the House is to abolish Obamacare. You just can’t do it tomorrow. I think we’ll do what he was speaking to, and that is – there are pieces of it, that if you put it up to the vote in the House and go to the Senate, we may even get Democrats to agree with us.

“We are going to have to beat people in 2014 and beat a president in 2016 in order to abolish Obamacare. That is the goal. Our position is we want to abolish Obamacare as quickly as possible. As soon as we have the votes, we are doing it. If we can do a part of it today, all of it tomorrow – go, go, go. We are never not working to abolish Obamacare.

“You would also have to understand, we only have so many hours of the day and Obama is sitting there with a veto. There are certain things you can’t get done until you get a different president.”

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With all of the attempts to repeal, Republicans were well aware that President Obama would veto it, nevertheless, they set out to spend countless hours, days, weeks, months, to unravel this necessary law.

You can find a list here of countries rated AAA by Standard and Poor’s, all of which have Socialized Health Care. 

As reported here,  Grover Norquist’s “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” — signed by 95% of Republican Congress people — states that the signing lawmaker will never raise taxes for any reason, ever. Norquist, the Tea Party, uber-Christian has held this country in gridlock and most Republicans most likely know it.

At least 55 Republican House incumbents or candidates who signed the pledge — and 24 Republican Senators or hopefuls — lost on election night.

Think Progress reports:

Norquist’s group spent more than $15 million on independent expenditures. This included hundreds of thousands on ads explicitly defending candidates like Ricky Gill (R-CA) and State Rep. Lee Anderson (R-GA) against criticisms over their having signed the pledge. Both lost.

What most of America learned on election night, was that this country wants to and will move forward. They can carry on signing ideological pledges — although unlikely;  Norquist is akin to a stink bomb, whose odor can’t be simply sprayed away — but like others, their seats will be at risk.

Norquist expresses skepticism over Obama’s promise to reach out to Republicans.

“Obama has gotten to be old and he has grey hair and he has never sat down and civilly talked to people who don’t agree with him in his life,” he says.

Hello pot, have you met Kettle? As for the grey in Obama’s hair, Norquist ‘built that’. It’s hilarious to hear of a man, solidly in the party of Old White Men, admonish the President over his well-earned gray hair. In reality, the President has consistently been civil, unlike the unrelenting Grover Norquist. In fact, enthusiasm for Obama waned as he refused to stand up to Norquist’s compatriots in the extremist hostage-taking group called, The House. But recent revelations prove Obama’s civility toward Republicans, so his point is moot.

Here they are now:

“You have most of the Republicans running in the House and Senate committing that they would oppose tax increases,” he observes.

“Their position, that they have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge that Americans for Tax Reform shares with candidates of all parties, simply says to the American people – not to me, not to Americans for Tax Reform, but to the American people — that if you elect me, I will go to Washington and reduce spending and reform government, and not raise your taxes. It’s an important commitment, it’s in writing and I think that the people who made that commitment will honor it.

You see that ‘fiscal cliff’? Push them over it.

  • Sally

    So old Grover is fine with asking elected officials AFTER they are elected to sign HIS pledge for no new revenie, in effect crippling the entire country, but is upset the President won’t go along with this unpatriotic, probably treasonous, ploy? Poor baby. Americans are smarter than Ayn Rand and Ryan, or golly gee, we would ahve given Mitt a shot to totally destroy us, don’t you think? We WANT everyone to have health care. We WANT more revenue to create jobs. We WANT Obama working across the aisle instead of some lying GOP Congressman promising to work across the aisle then filibustering everything instead. Dear stupid lobbyist Norquist: your pledge made it impossible for the GOP to do anything, anything but obstruct. You are in no way speaking for Americans. You are working against us, and we voted against YOU and your co job.

  • Barack

    Yeah Grover? Well you’re fat!

  • Nomad

    Keep it up, Grover. Of the list of people that helped keep Obama in the White House, Grover has to be in the top ten. He has absolutely no credentials in politics and his unreasonable demands on the conservatives exposed the weakness of the GOP.
    After all, if they could not stand up against a bully like Limbaugh or Norquist how the heck could they go face to face with a man like Putin?

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  • Recoloniser

    I always like the “We can’t afford it” argument from people who object to PPACA. Basically, this argument says that, yes, we are the richest country on earth and, yes, all other developed nations have socialised health care and we’re the outlier here and, yes, all those other nations spend less on health care and still get better results, lower infant mortality, greater longevity, lower incidence of various diseases and all the rest, but all that doesn’t matter, they’ve got their health care sorted and you can go to hell.

    Always good to have a clear idea of how these guys view their fellow Americans.

  • sentstuff05

    Obama removed the “punch Grover Norquist in the dick” petition on — that’s more civil than he deserves.

  • Cindy

    Grovers just another rich person that uses their money to keep their money, and enjoys keeping the poor in their so called place, its all about control and greed.

  • Cindy

    Hey Grover, heard you have a life time supply of Grecian for men!!!

  • Cindy

    The reason why so many Republicans are fighting so hard to keep their rich friends, business partners, lobbyists, and people like JP Morgan from paying higher taxes is because it will cut into their pockets with donations. You and others like you Grover want jobs. Did you know that after all the complaining about the people that are on Food Stamps, they really don’t want them off, they want to keep them right there, because their big buddy JP Morgan earned….millions or even billions on processing fees when people used their assistance cards? How many of you knew that?