How homophobe NOM activists spend Thanksgiving Day

Thank goodness for anti-gay warriors. What would we do without them? While Americans partook in family activities and reminisced over the past year, pointing out where each of us feels grateful, homophobe NOM activist Dr. Jennifer Roback Norse (aka: Dr. J) created a video in order to tell the public — and raise money to support intolerance — that the gays are spreading their gayness on a college campus. Did that frighten you? Me neither. Yes, she went there. Norse tells a story of a “good Catholic girl” who attended a party.


This year I am especially grateful that hateful fear mongers, who may or may not (they likely do if you observe the trend) have an extremely dark past to cover up, are becoming increasingly irrelevant as Americans evolve. The deflection coming from each of them is obvious.

Helping Dr. J.

Idea for next video: The ‘good’ doctor could create a video surrounding the virtues of the Boy Scouts organization, where tolerance is unacceptable, unless it’s pedophilia.

H/T: Towleroad with thanks.

  • Paresh Desai

    Please stop giving publicity to Neanderthals. Let them be extinct on their own accord.

    • Old GOP Tard

      In fairness, the entire GOP consists of Neanderthals and this is a political site. Unless I got lost again…

      • BrooklynDame

        Talk about it and shine a light on their idiocy. People often lose focus so we all need to be reminded of how NOT to be.

        • Old GOP Tard

          That’s exactly it. Point and laugh and maybe they’ll finally notice what they sound like.