Irony Alert: Spotted at the Reagan National Airport, 50 percent off Romney merchandise

Well this is fitting since Mitt Romney touted himself as a businessman. Also considering the demoralizing business practices at Bain Capital, where their vulture capitalistic maneuvers enhanced the Republican myth that to gut companies, and then resell them is ‘job creating.’ Somehow. 

So now, Mitt’s campaign is dust, but for those in dispair — and there aren’t many, because most Republicans are busy as hell disparaging his ‘gifts’ remark in hopes of feigning to be suddenly warriors for the middle class — here’s a great deal for you!

Spotted by Andrea Elliot: 50 percent off Mitt Romney merchandise, on sale at the Reagan National Airport. Somehow, with Mitt Romney protecting his fellow wealthy friends, it seems fitting — and ironic — that this sale is at an airport named after Ronald ‘trickle down’ Reagan.










I’m willing to make a bet — no, not a $10,000 Romney bet, but just a small one, that there will be an abundance of merchandise left. It would be more appropriate if the Romney gear was sold for 47 percent off.

 Some Mitt Romney merchandise that might sell better, with his image plastered across if of course:

“I wish they hadn’t caught me saying what I really think about the little common people.”

“Hey Ann, why don’t you tell the GOP how ‘hard’ it is now that they’re throwing me under the bus!”

“I wonder if Bill Clinton would be interested in buying my Binders full of Women, since I won’t need them anymore?”

“In 2012 I learned that women vote.”


  • Sad Mitt Romney

    This makes me sad. All that good stuff.

  • Anthony Kubiak

    shouldn’t it be 47% off?

  • Older_Wiser2

    I don’t even think the homeless would want them free. What a waste of resources.