It’s not just Fox: Rush Limbaugh is Also Killing the Republican Party Off

Latinos played a big part in this election, bringing in an astounding number of votes for President Obama. Some conservatives are ‘soul searching’ in an attempt to figure out what went wrong. House Speaker John Boehner spoke today of a conversation he had with the President, then later went on to say that Republicans need to reach all of the people, and not just people that “look like them.”

Rush Limbaugh portrays their problem in detail.


For Conservatives that claim that Limbaugh is a comedian/entertainer in order to justify his actions, you need to review what makes you laugh. This is about as funny as Rush playing, “Barack the magic Negro” repeatedly on his show just after our first Black President was elected. But then again, you laughed at that too.

When Sandra Fluke spoke, giving her views on the contraception issue, Rush Limbaugh called her a “slut” repeatedly for an entire week. Republicans justified his actions instead of denouncing them.

We’re waiting for Republicans to denounce Rush Limbaugh’s racist and misogynistic vitriol, for people that don’t look like old white men.

The manner in which Rush Limbaugh speaks of the African American/Black community is so offensive, it makes sane America cringe. Either Republicans can join us in sane America, or remain with the dying out demographics they have pandered to while ostracizing the rest of the country.

How did Republicans get to the place they are in — condoning and supporting a Supreme Court decision, that Corporations are people, then treat people that don’t look like them as if they are less than human. What the fuck are they thinking?

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