It’s Upside Down Day: Conservative argues that anti-discrimination measures will cause racists to hire fewer minorities

A leading conservative conference argued that new anti-discrimination guidelines will actually prompt more discrimination among racist business owners, which makes little sense. To combat discrimination, one should put blatantly racist employers to task and not their victims.

Affirmative Action is argued by the panelists of the group.

Think Progress reports:

Gail Heriot, a professor at the University of San Diego School of Law and a congressional appointee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, spoke on Friday at a Federalist Society panel entitled “Who Benefits from Affirmative Action and Race and Gender Consciousness?” In the middle of her speech, Heriot addressed new guidance from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission earlier this year that under Title VII of our civil rights laws, an employer may not deny a job to someone based on a past conviction that was job-related. Over 65 million Americans have a criminal conviction, and the numbers skew disproportionately toward minorities.

Heriot blasted the new guidelines because, as she argued, business owners who cannot check an applicant’s criminal background will presumptively dismiss “high risk” pools, such as black applicants for low-skilled jobs, and only hire the African American “who is the son of a dermatologist in Bethesda.”


We all gain something valuable by embracing inclusivity. Republicans are at a standstill at the present time, soul searching, reaching inside their depths, trying to find out what went wrong, but some are just not getting it. Instead of being people of substance, who truly care about all of the people, not just 47 percent, Republicans are in a panic over how to ‘get’ the Hispanic and Black vote.  GOP, you’re doing it wrong.

Multiculturalism is here. It’s no longer a frightening prospect, unless you live in a cave, all alone. Mitigating cultural conflict will never occur if racism is given a free pass — and the only blatant conflict seems to lie within the Republican Party.

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    She’s absolutely right!