John Boehner wants Democrats to be specific about the ‘entitlement’ cuts that Republicans are not specific about

Kabuki Theater in Washington? Impossible, except for every single day that is. During the ‘fiscal cliff’ news conference today, House Speaker weighed in calling on President Obama and Democrats to be specific over entitlement cuts in order to balance their calls for tax increases in a hypothetical deal to avert the so-called “fiscal cliff.  Republican rhetoric has involved cutting what they perceive as ‘entitlement’ programs, however, GOP lawmakers have yet to be specify how much, or how they want to cut the programs.


The question posed to Boehner was, “Why will you not tell Democrats, what specific spending cuts you would like to see, especially within entitlements?”

Transcript via Think Progress:

Boehner: It’s been very clear over the last year and a half. I’ve talked to the President about many of them. You can look at our budget, where we outlined very specific proposals, where we passed in last year’s budget and the budget from the year before. We know what the menu is, what we don’t know is what the White house is willing to do to get serious about solving our debt crisis.

Question: So your 2011 position still stands, then? I mean, are you still offering, those talks from 2011, is that still the basis here?

Boehner Listen, I’m not going to get into the details, but it’s very clear what kind of spending cuts need to occur, but we have no idea what the White House is willing to do.

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Using these rules which Boehner is declaring as necessary, the GOP game of chicken should be played out with Obama throwing a few ‘entitlement’ bones to the Republicans for them to ravage, then after Tea Party peer pressure, Boehner will come back with, “It’s not enough.”

How do we know this? Because it’s all happened before. As reported here in July of 2011, President Obama was offering a debt ceiling deal with far less revenue than the bipartisan ‘Gang of Six’ — Harry Reid offered an all-cuts deal that would make any Republican weep tears of joy — but, the Tea Party-led House still said no.


  • Speaker for the Commas

    Don’t worry about the comma=phobes Anom.. We needed to feel appreciated.

    • Republican caps


  • Jim Hubbard

    Boehner is trying to deflect from his Norquistian no-tax pledge that is standing in the way of any deal getting done. The no-tax, closing loopholes=revenue nonsense was analyzed and called impossible by Brookings when Romney made that the basis for his economic plan AND the CRS already called supply-side economics good only for moving wealth upward, not growing the economy.

    The Republicans have no leverage and they know it.

  • John Drinane

    well they could start by checking the white house website

    • That Guy

      First they’d have to learn to Google before speaking.

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