Jon Husted’s terrible, awful, really bad new idea

Ohio ‘Secretary of Suppressing stuff’ Jon Husted (Big-R) isn’t losing gracefully, in fact, he’s preparing for the next race in his State. Husted is under fire after attempts to bring in a Romney win in the battleground state of Ohio, at any cost necessary.









Pluderbund reports:

“Defending his performance managing Ohio’s election, Husted argued that because of the high stakes involved with being an electoral vote-rich swing state, Ohio’s elections chief is always scrutinized and criticized. (Funny, we don’t remember that happening in 2008, but that’s beside the point).

Husted’s solution to this perceived problem of Democrats and the national media picking on him? He says we should make Ohio less important in the election by dividing up our electoral votes by Congressional district.”

This is huge and should raise giant red flags. Under the current winner-take-all system, Obama won all 18 of Ohio’s electoral votes. Under Husted’s plan, 12 of those 18 electoral votes would be handed to Mitt Romney, the popular vote loser.

But, Husted is just trying to be fair (wink wink).

For Ohioans who are tired of hearing Republicans and Democrats argue over election rules, the state’s top elections official has a theoretical solution. Secretary of State Jon Husted says Ohio could apportion its Electoral College votes in the presidential race in a proportional way, giving even the loser a big chunk of votes. That’s the way only two other states do it, but Husted says at least it would dampen partisan conflict because Ohio would no longer be such a prize.

Husted: “It will not be a winner-take-all state, and you would not have another elections controversy about Ohio because we would not matter as much anymore.”

(my bold)

The loser in this case is Mitt Romney, who would have gotten a “big chunk of votes” if Husted’s method was used, which he vigorously tried to do at any cost, and apparently still is.

America has a problem with electoral votes, and with partisan overseers of the voting process such as Jon Husted and then there’s the other little problem of Governor Rick Scott in Florida.

We saw this coming from the onset with the GOP establishing Voter ID laws, but, they said that voter fraud existed even though there was no proof. The discussion became: “Everyone has ID.” Except that’s not true. Making voting a more laborious process is not what the founding fathers intended. Take a look at the images of the 8 hour waiting line to vote in Florida — the majority of those waiting were of a minority status and that is no coincidence. Instead of suppressing the Democratic vote, they fired up our base. In short, they really pissed us off.

Uncertified, “experimental” software patches were installed on machines in 39 counties of the key swing state of Ohio. Another coincidence…

Image: Salon.

  • Sally

    I really hope that Ohioans vote these morons out of office at their first opportunity. There is hope. They did not vote in Joe the non-Plumber and had anyone run against Boenhead, they would have won. What this ‘new rule’ would really do is diminish the votes in big cities, which go Democratic and lift up those tiny rural WHITE areas. Come on, Jon, even you know this is racist. Tell me this has to at least go to a vote of the people.

  • A Badtothebone Brewer

    what a goof! he will go down. he should be charged with a crime.

  • Marcia Everett

    WE would like to write this document (the Equal Access Amendment a.k.a. Voter’s Bill of Rights) So we opened up a collaborative notepad NEXT We would like to have rallies at the local congressional offices the day congress is sworn in. At that time we would turn our document in at every state. Would everyone also sign up to be Voter Assembly This site will coordinate the turn in events. Join Us.

  • BrooklynDame

    When was the last time this guy had a “good” idea that wasn’t slanted in favour of his party, rather than the voters? For a party that claims to love freedom they’re pretty good about trying to strip entire groups of people of theirs.

  • D.w. Skinner

    my dog leaves steamy curls on the dew-fresh morning lawn smarter than Husted!