Jon Stewart On Papa John: Let’s stop pretending bosses have transformed into assholes because of Obamacare

Jon Stewart delves into the Republican myth of ‘Job creators.’  Papa John’s founder and CEO John Schnattner has come into the spotlight, by taking a political stance just before and now after President Obama was elected. Certainly, not all CEOs are threatening their employees, but a few have come under media attention for lashing out at their employees.  Jon Stewart hits two CEOs for their partisan stance, which resulted in an extreme case of whining publicly.

On last night’s Daily Show, Stewart worked out the real dilemma for Schnatter and his partisan cohorts. “Let’s face the facts,” Stewart says, “Pizza and coal companies are just unlucky enough to have a labor force that can’t be outsourced.”

Stewart adds, “Obamacare is just the latest excuse to wriggle out of the social contract,” Quit with the “I’d love to be able to give employees health care, I just can’t” excuse, he said. Not that they don’t have a legitimate gripe against the president: “If Obama had fought harder for single-payer health care, business owners like you would never have to pay another premium in your lives.”



“That should be easy,” Stewart says,  “take all the millions you donated for partisan political purposes and pump it back into Health Care advances that may ultimately create productivity.”


As reported here, in our first post on Schnatter, Papa John’s CEO is certainly faring well.

  • shihtzuman

    And he gave away a bunch of free pizza’s too

    • Papa John’s good twin

      And not to the poor:-(

      • shadus

        why would you help the poor? they can’t line your pockets.

        • Joe

          Clearly you don’t understand the market. Even kids in the projects order pizza.

          • really?

            Clearly you don’t understand the market. Familys with kids in the projects order pizza that is less expensive.

          • Jonathan Godinez

            clearly you live in another dimension.

        • BuffaloBill

          Their skin can.

        • Tom Fowler

          Its clearly clear, that clearly has clearly been used to many times.

          • Audacity

            To many times! Onward 😉 😛 Clearly awesome

  • BelongWithYou

    I feel this is a bit of misquote in the article of the clip: Stewart adds, “You guys don’t have a legitimate gripe against this President.”

    maybe I am misunderstanding Stewarts comment, in which case, my apologies.

    • heyguise

      No that’s a misquote that’s taken completely out of context. Stewart says “I’m not going to say you guys don’t have a legitimate gripe against this president. If Obama would have fought harder for a singler payer system…”

      So IDK who wrote this article but you seriously need to fix that Fox worthy nonsense.

      • FreakOutNation

        All fixed. Thank you for letting us know.

        • JA

          Still not fixed.

          • FreakOutNation

            Clarify please.

    • Ken Ashe

      It’s misquoted…

  • JagerHitsULater

    Red Lobster now has 2 full time employees per store to avoid Obamacare.

    • Dandy_Willikers

      That’s fine. I do not meet very many people with a part time job that actually truly care about that job. Service will decline and they will get less business from it, not to mention the bad publicity already.

    • Ryan Delk

      you know how we combat company’s like this….STOP EATING THERE…i tire of people complaining about companies online and then go out and eat there the next day. I don’t care how good it is. I don’t go to walmart anymore NOR will I eat papa johns pizza. Its simple as that. If more people would do this then guess what company’s would change their stance really fast.

      • Shawn Schkurman

        The problem with not eating at Papa John’s is the fact a boycott turns a store into a graveyard. Which in turn means less hours given because of labor quotas. The irony is if you’re taking a stance against PJ’s to support the people employed, by boycotting the company you’re hurting the minimum wage employee way more directly than the CEO whose already pulling a seven figure salary.

        • DAT guy

          That is only the case if there were no replacement goods. In this case their are plenty of pizza places to choose from who can then open new stores and presumably hire. Labor demand is the other side to the labor market.

        • tshaff

          not true. Assuming I eat the same amount of pizza every year, I will take my business elsewhere and promote companies that ethically treat their employees. Prospective job seekers will go where the work is.

      • Protagonist

        Gripe needs to happen to encourage the lack of participation. Lets face it, most news sources are not talking too much about this. If it wasn’t for people complaining about Red Lobster or Olive Garden i would not even know about these foul companies. And yes, the solution is to stop eating there. But first we need to know the offenders.

    • Ssider

      Red Lobster also sucks. I’m suprised they would need one employee per store

  • likebear

    Because a legitimate gripe would just shut down, take care of itself…

  • jetch

    ahhhh, the old do as i say not as i do…

    jon stewart with his multiple masions in new york wants to stoke class warfare. he wants to tell another rich guy how to spend his money making himself sound so magnanimous. why doesn’t stewart give 5 or 10 million to the people of new jersey who are suffering??
    if you don’t like the papa john guy, that’s fine by me, but stewart is no different!

    • Rbbts

      How are they anyway comparable, aside from both making more money than the average person? Is Jon Stewart firing people from the Daily Show staff in order to make more money? Are they running more commercials due to Obamacare? No. Your argument is nonsensical.

      • jetch

        simple rbbts: he profits off the hard work of others. isn’t that the real point here? why else is papa john responsible for employee health care?? because he profits off their hard work!
        the only difference between the two is that jon stewart gets away with it and in addition gets people like you to worship him! find another god!

        • Guest

          Jon Stewart works hard to appreciate and respect his staff, and to pay them decent wages/benefits. Papa John doesn’t do shit for his staff.

          The difference is that one rich man is rich despite caring for his employees, and the other rich man is rich and refuses to care for his employees.

        • Gezzer50

          There’s nothing wrong with profiting off the hard work of others, as long as you do a few things as well.

          1. Work just as hard if not harder then your employees who are working hard for you.

          2. Make sure they are fairly compensated for the hard work they do.

          3. Make sure you have no policies that run counter to the legal and social contracts that apply to your workforce.

          There’s nothing wrong with anyone taking a risk and building a company from nothing to a multi-million dollar concern, and as long as you don’t break any laws you can treat your workforce how ever you want. The major problem everyone has with owners like “Papa John” is that they really don’t give a sh@t about the people who work for them. I’m Canadian and even with our health care system being less then ideal, I can’t understand a system where you can lose your house and everything you own and still be in massive debt because you or someone in your household gets sick. I can’t understand how you can be left to die a slow and painful death because you can’t afford to pay for treatment.

          “Papa John” is just very lucky that he’s never had to deal with a major illness before he had the resources to pay for it. No matter how smart he was, how hard he worked, it’s still just blind luck that he was able to make it to where he is.

          And that my friend is the problem in a nut shell. There’s a thing called a social contract, it’s unwritten, but very important. The idea is that certain fundamental rights are protected for us all, and without it society as a whole would suffer. How would you like it if the water coming out of your tap was a brown sludge? Or if there were no worker safety rules? Creating access to affordable health care for everyone is important because it takes the blind luck of not getting sick out of the equation for people succeeding. In the long run it’s win-win for everyone. A workforce with a certain level of average health will be better for everyone.
          People like “Papa John” are simply being sore losers because they’re being told they have to take better care of their workforce. Some people will cut of their noses to spite their face. He’s one of them.

        • Shawn Schkurman

          Speaking as a PJ delivery driver you’re wrong. I have a clean driving record, as well as a clean professional record i.e. No write ups, problems with management, etc. I haven’t gotten a raise in over 2 years. I bet anyone working for John Stewart with my work ethic and professional record would have gotten a raise every year. PS. That raise I would get if the business wasn’t so stringent on costs is a measly 25 cents per hour. You’re talking out of your ass here with your comparison.

        • katie anderson

          No that’s not the real point at all.

    • Jetch

      Stewart didn’t cut his staff because Obama won, citing the spiralling cost of health care. You might have some difficulties understanding thing if you miss the point so throughly.

      • jetch

        comedy central has had layoffs before. he’s not the boss, so he doesn’t lay people off, he just profits off the hard work of others who don’t get nearly as much as he does, same difference!
        and how does he profit? goofy faces and the ability to read lines someone else wrote?
        try looking past the obvious and you’ll clearly see it

        • QuestionEverything

          He can actually lay people off. He’s the chief editor of the show. He has firing power.

    • Youaredumb

      Well just off the top of my head he didnt fire his staff or demand an increase in salary because of an election? Thats pretty different, since its you know…. exactly the opposite of what this article talks about.

      • jetch

        nice, tolerant login name “you are dumb”. you do realize when i call you by your chosen name, you are requiring me to say “you are dumb”.

        so, “you are dumb”, please read my other response to clearly understand how stewart is no different than any other ceo who makes money off of others.

        • darkeegan

          there is a huge difference between making money off of, and making money working with. The role of on air personality is a much harder slot to fill, and individuals can ask for higher paychecks. Jobs pay different amounts depending on what you do, but everyone is entitled to certain things, so as freedom from the fear that an unexpected illness will leave you destitute.

    • QuestionEverything

      You’re kind of missing the point, aren’t you? Jon does not employ people across the country that rely on their hours (which are being cut by Schlatter) just so he doesn’t have to pay for their health insurance. He even says in this clip that the money that Schlatter uses for political donations and a million free pies every year could be used, instead, to raise the morale and health standards that his employees have. Jon is not stoking class warfare, as he is not guilty of these things. The people in his employ (the people working for the show) have health care. Their hours aren’t being cut to save money that doesn’t need saving. Schlatter, however, is stoking class warfare. He has declared war on his lowly employees, who literally make his company what it is. He’s forgetting the sacrifice and dedication his employees have to his brand and cutting their livelihoods at the knees. That’s more “class warfare” than anything Jon Stewart says on his comedy show.

      • Imstupid

        No he is not missing the point. You are. Jon Stewart is telling other people what to do with their money. Schlatter should tell Stewart what to do with his money such as donate it, live off of 50k a year, and sell everything to live more modestly to help these people he talks about out. Schlatter never once said he has to lay off employees, it is possible his franchises will have to make changes or not abide by advertised deals. Schlatter does not employ people at local Papa Johns. The franchise owners do.

        • QuestionEverything

          Jon is lightly criticizing a CEO for politicizing his employee’s wages and hours on a comedy show. In no way does he tell anyone what to do with their money. In no way does he call for a boycott. He’s using his right to free speech to comment on another guy’s shoddy business practices.

          I never once said that Schnatter said he’d lay anyone off. Nor did Stewart. Get a clue.

          Schnatter owns quite a few of his own Papa John’s franchises throughout the country, as well as the corporation behind it.

        • darkeegan

          He isn’t telling people what to do with their money. He is telling them to stop pretending to be good and caring people who have been forced to reduce hours because of president Obama. Businesses have to accept several things as costs of doing business, and find a way to make money. requiring employers to ensure that their employees can survive is not unreasonable, as enforcing the social contract is one of the core purposes of government.

      • jetch

        for someone named “question everything”, you don’t seem to be questioning a lot.
        your references to the papa john guy in your comment can easily be replace with stewart and they’d be just as accurate. stewart profits off the hard work of others then has the nerve to call out another profiteer.
        stewart does not go on the air without quality camera men, sound guys, grips, makeup, directors, and writers. he is nothing without them, yet he makes all the profits off a very profitable show.
        maybe start questioning your god stewart, you might not like the answers but maybe you’ll open your eyes.

        • Jessie Tondreau

          “stewart does not go on the air without quality camera men, sound guys, grips, makeup, directors, and writers. he is nothing without them, yet he makes all the profits off a very profitable show.”

          Sorry, but do you think that the set workers aren’t paid well? Do you think that they don’t have benefits, bonuses, and great vacation time?

        • James Brooks

          seriously, what an asinine comment

        • darkeegan

          No one is saying that all rich people have a responsibility to give their money away.

          The point that is being made is that these people have to accept that including health insurance is provided to employees is a cost of doing business. It is not an unreasonable cost, and they will still find a way to profit even with these marginally increased costs(5 cents per pizza). If they can afford to give away pizza, they can ensure that the people who make their pizza and do their front line work do not lose their house when they get sick.

          Responsible companies have generally seen the need to take care of their employees, so this has a very minimal effect on Comedy Central.

        • Jetch is a fucking tard

          dude shut the fuck up

        • Sydcomebak

          Won’t someone save them?

    • Dave

      I can’t fathom how you think you’re even making a point with those words you just typed. John has been putting the word out constantly on his show in serious asides for donation efforts. And how much exactly are you aware of that John personally donated?? And how is any of that related to the point he was making?

      • jetch

        “putting the word out”???? wow! that’s all it takes now? hey everyone donate money to charity! there! i just “put the word out” so call me a saint as well.

        read my other response to better understand the clear, undeniable point i was making. or… just continue to worship at the alter of stewart, your choice.

    • jc

      Papa John guy = billionaire john stewart = millionaire there is a big difference with your comparison.

      • jetch

        millionaire is just a billionaire in training… you don’t think a millionaire wants to be a billionaire???

    • Herlock Sholmes

      Not only is he different, he’s better. When the writers went on strike guess who keep on paying them regardless if they were working or not. Jon Stewart. He showed in this case that he values his staff more than profits.

      • jetch

        i think your dyslexia is kicking in herlock sholmes, you’ve got it backwards (again?)
        why did his writers go on strike? because the show is hugely profitable (especially with all the extra commercials they run) and they weren’t seeing any of that money. who was?? stewart, that’s who! he makes millions reading their words! do you now see how he profits off the hard work of others, providing nothing of his own, then has the nerve to call out some other profiteer?
        he didn’t pay their full salary. what he gave them is probably less than what he makes in a single episode.
        your generosity towards stewart is commendable but misplaced!

        • QuestionEverything

          You’re a very good troll. I almost got mad.

        • zepfloyd

          Seriously? the UNION, which his staff are members of went on strike, not because of his show, they went on strike in solidarity…who’s really got the dyslexia?

        • darkeegan

          they went on strike because the Writers guild went on strike. they were supporting other workers’ rights to be fairly compensated for their work. He ensured that the others who work on his show were paid during this time. You can have your own opinions, but when you decide you are entitled to your own facts it becomes a problem.

        • Gezzer50

          Dude a word of advice.
          If what your saying is true then add links that prove it. As it stands now your coming off like an idiot. If you can’t justify your position attack right? Well if you just fabricate the facts you use in your attack you just come off as a raving lunatic, or a very bad troll.

    • Ryan Delk

      yeah jetch….please maybe just maybe and I know his is gonna sound crazy….read something and educate your self before speaking out.

      • jetch

        that’s a really heart felt plea, but it’s really you that needs to be educated

        rule number 1, make sure you proofread your spelling before telling someone to educate themself. looks bad!

        i do respect your homage to ee cummings however. i assume it was intentional.

        • Friend of All

          “rule number 1, make sure you proofread your spelling before telling someone to educate themself.”
          Friend, the correct spelling here is “themselves.”

        • jetch is a fucking tard

          stop drinking your tap water

        • Pickyourbattles

          “Altar” is the word you wanted to use directly before you recommended someone proofread. “Alter” is what you needed to do to your spelling before it became a glaringly hilarious example of irony.

    • jetch

      stewart makes millions off the backs of others. he doesn’t even write his own material. there is not one thing that he provides that should earn him more than 10 bucks an hour. what? the goofy faces, the feigned outrage?? with a show as profitable as the daily show, how much are the camera men, sound guys, directors, grips, makeup, etc making off it compared to him? his words are written for him by others, how much are they making? how many of those writers are women??
      i believe the title of this article was “lets stop pretending bosses transformed into assholes because of obamacare”. well, lets! stewart is a greedy “boss” who makes millions off the backs of others.
      man, you people really need to stop the idol worship. he’s just a greedy guy who makes as much as he can and he has no problem with others getting shortchanged in the process. he is the last person who should be talking about asshole “bosses”.

      • Jessie Tondreau

        You should hear it from the Daily Show women, I guess.

      • darkeegan

        I see what is going on. You seem to have mistaken talent for greed. No one is saying that Mr. Stewart isn’t rich, but he is a legitimately talented interviewer and journalist. Mr. Schnattner may be genuinely talented, but on top of that he makes money with no regard for the work that others do for him.

    • katie anderson

      You have some evidence that Stewart is an exploitive employer who refuses to uphold his side of the social bargain in his dealings with employees?

  • Donald Magnusen

    If any of you assholes has a problem with what he is doing, open 4,000 competing pizza locations and steal all Papa John’s employees by offering them full time at twice the pay rate with full benefits and pensions. Do any of you understand the difference between a business and a charity?

    • Tapakip

      You’re an asshole.

    • suchende

      Do you understand what an “externality” is? Sorry, I don’t want to pay to keep Papa John’s employees healthy through emergency services. This forecloses on their ability to externalize that cost onto me.

    • Ko Sal

      Yes douche bag, its called Little Caesar…. Pizza, pizza!

    • Rosey

      It’s entirely possible to run a profitable business and give your employees healthcare. Look at Starbucks.

  • Stereotypical Liberal

    “If Obama had fought harder for single-payer health care, business
    owners like you would never have to pay another premium in your lives,” because government payments don’t come out of taxes on income, payroll, and profits, they come from the Free Stuff Fairy.

    • Elroy Jackson Jr.

      No one said business owners and employers wouldn’t pay more (or higher) taxes. Try to pay attention to what Stewart actually said. He said, “business owners like you would never have to pay another PREMIUM in your lives.” That is quite different from saying health care will be free.

      I work for a small business. My employer (a Republican) would LOVE single payer health care. Why? Because removing insurance company profits from the equation would save him (and me) money.

      • roystgnr

        If your attitude towards sentence denotations and connotations was wise (it’s not), then I could accurately point out that you’ve never been found innocent of killing hobos, and I’d be justified because that is quite different from saying that you’re guilty.

        If your claim about profits was true (it’s not) then your employer could already be saving all that money by using a non-profit insurance company.

  • nicole


  • Juju

    Jon Stewart is a dumbass, if he knew what he was talking about, he would have a real show on a real channel

    • That guy

      Let me take a guess here. By “real channel” you mean Fox News.

      • Vidkun Quisling

        Truer words were never spoken.

  • You Isee

    Let’s see how much this PPACA actually benefits those who care about their own health versus showing up for their healthcare like it’s a Mickey D drive thru. I suspect once again promise and spend more than what is available to go around.

    The law should have forced people on welfare to take birth control to collect checks. That’s fair to society.

  • Dumbassnation

    Oh god, I don’t even know why you are still arguing about this whole healthcare thing. Get over it people, yes john stewart makes social comments, yes he is a successful talkshow host. The whole thing about obamacare isn’t about punishing successful people it’s about providing an average worker with a health care coverage that doesn’t leave them indebted for the rest of their lives if something would happen to them. As a business owner you can gripe about certain things and taxes are always going to be in your bad book, but you can’t be serious when you gripe about keeping the people working for you healthy. That’s just being an asshole about things.

    We’ve had healthcare coverage for years in Europe, taxes here are higher, but as an employee you can rest easier at night knowing that you’re not up the creek without a paddle, when you get sick or you have an accident.

    You can spout nonsense about me not knowing anything about anything since I’m not ‘Merican, but your recent political discussions have left your nation the laughing stock of the world. Please get it together, maybe reform your educational system, so you might have a less retarded population.

  • dparks

    i don’t know what all the hipsters are bitching about – Schnattner is giving them exactly what they all voted for; the opportunity to get on the Obamacare Train.. so quit yer whining and enjoy the Socialism ride.. lol

  • James Brooks

    poopa john’s sucks shit anyway,you couldn’t PAY me to eat that garbage

  • Batman

    Omg this jetch guy makes me wish Romney won so he could stroke himself off to oblivion.

  • atleastpeoplehatejetch

    haha jetch is massive trolling everyone (unintentionally). this entire discussion board is focused on refuting his (imo completely off-base and blind) arguments. my favorite is how he justifies papa johns cutting jobs and downgrading full-time jobs to avoid providing health care to his employees by arguing that jon stewart doesn’t give away *all* of his money to ‘charity’ either. as if providing health care to employees is charity rather than an essential human right to life (says the rest of the western world, and christianity), and taking a profit hit is equivalent to giving all of your personal savings away. what false equivalences…

  • olderthandirt

    If everyone here knows so much about how to run a Pizza place. Open your own and see how hard it is to make a profit. And what social contracts are you talking about. If it isn’t in writing you are just in a fantasy world. You go to work. If you don’t like what the boss is offering you. You move on and find a better job. Pizza places are starter job’s. That’s why they are part time. Not a full time career. Get over it and worry about the real things in life. If the place was so bad to work for there wouldn’t be anyone working there.

  • Blackest

    Their pizza fucking sucks that’s why I don’t eat there.

  • Jane Clary Bermijo

    You do know he is a comedian and not news, don’t you?

  • Preston Bernard McManners

    Lets not forget Papa’s Mansion, with a guest house that is worth over $7 million alone.