Maybe he’s not that into you: Koch Backed Group Warns Christie About Getting “Along with the President”

Chris Christie’s polite demeanor toward President Obama during Hurricane Sandy is pissing Conservatives the hell off. How dare he be civil; that’s unheard of in partisan politics. Adding to the fold, a Conservative outlet powered partly by the Koch brothers. The target: Obamacare, of course.






Mother Jones reports:

The New Jersey Legislature passed a bill on October 18 creating a state-based online health insurance marketplace; it did so because under Obamacare a state must either create its own insurance marketplace or let the federal government do it. Christie vetoed a similar state-based insurance exchange bill in May, but he said last month he wouldn’t decide what to do about the new bill until after Election Day.

Enter the New Jersey chapter of Americans for Prosperity, the Koch-backed conservative grassroots group. AFP-New Jersey is pressuring Christie to reject the state exchange bill and rebuff Obamacare’s requirements before November 16, the date by which states must submit its health insurance plans to the federal government. Here’s what AFP-New Jersey Steve Lonegan had to say about Christie in a press release zapped out two days after the election:

“Barack Obama has been re-elected. Congress will not be able to repeal the law so now the burden is on the states to thwart it. That means these bureaucratic and costly exchanges must be stopped, along with the tax increases that come along with them.

Other conservative governors across the country like Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, Scott Walker, and others have already taken a principled stand. Where is Governor Christie? Will he stand with them? Will he prevent New Jerseyans from having their health care choices controlled by federal bureaucrats? Will he allow our state’s struggling businesses to be hammered by Obamacare’s tax penalties with unemployment hovering around 10 percent? Or will he continue to go along to get along with Barack Obama?”

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Holy crap. So, the choice is, be a big ol’ Mitch McConnell-type meanie to the President, or the Koch brother’s hammer will come down upon him. In the GOP, one has to work in lockstep or not at all.Maybe they are jealous. Christie used to be BFFs with the Koch brothers.

Christie delivered the keynote speech at Charles and David Koch’s ultra-exclusive seminar at the Ritz-Carlton resort near Vail, Colorado. At the event, David Koch hailed Christie as a “true political hero.”

OK Koch siblings, no takie backsies! Maybe Christie just isn’t that into you. Or perhaps, the New Jersey Governor has had an awakening after Mitt Romney’s 47% remark. Romney — if I’m not mistaken — lost by 47,9%. That’s rather telling. All the billions in the world can be tossed in with the nefarious dark money we’ve witnessed funneled into campaigns, but Americans will always step in. Never bet against America.

It’s entirely possible that Chris Christie is contemplating a future Presidential run, and knowing that, he’s realized that the Right Wing has suddenly become antiquated and less significant. It could be that Christie can count. The voting numbers are quite revealing.

Image: Huffington Post.

  • Gov. Christie

    I feel so rejected, yet so wanted. Sniff.

  • Greg L

    As much as I dislike the avowed policies/positions of Gov. Christie (against whom I voted–to no avail), I’ve always suspected that pragmatism would throttle-down his wingnut rhetoric. He is, after all, the governor of New Jersey, and not of some benighted little Confederate rump state: our state’s economy won’t ever run on the fuel of religious fundamentalism, anti-abortion activism, paranoid local-mindedness, creationism in science curricula, guns etc. And without recourse to culture war cred Christie is only the sort of money-minded northern Republican in whom the far-right-wing has no trust. David Koch, who has assumed/purchased the mantle of the sur-urbane Medici-like patron of the arts and sciences, has put his passion and his money down on the inextricably bound tandem of corporatism AND culture war; and, in this scheme, Chris Christie seems only partly useful…

  • jep07

    Christie wants acknowledgement from The Boss, not the bosses…