Not all Pizza Chain Owners are Partisan Dicks: Papa John’s Vs. Little Caesars

In the news, Papa John’s CEO seems to be ubiquitous the last couple of days, although not for good public relations purposes. Several CEOs are taking the election results out of their employees. It’s a display of juvenility. For example: The day after President Obama won his reelection bid, the chief executive of Murray Energy, Robert E. Murray, gathered his staff and began to read a prayer. He then asked God to forgive America for its choice of President, and he prayed for “guidance in this drastic time with the drastic decisions that will be made to have any hope of our survival as an American business enterprise.” Then, the praying executive closed the prayer with an “amen,” then fired 156 people. What these partisan CEOs are doing, has nothing to do with health care, but everything to do with them protecting their taxes, even at the expense of dedicated employees.

Let’s compare two Pizza chains. For the record: Not all Pizza chain owners are dicks. Case in point: Little Caesars is owned by the Iiltch family and has been in their family since 1959. The family has not collectively endorsed President Obama but a private fundraiser was held by Denise Iiltch which brought in $40,000 a plate.

The event was not tied to Little Caesars headquarters — It was Ms. Iiltch’s decision. 











Denise Ilitch, a Democrat, is a busy mother of three who is also co-publisher of Ambassador Magazine, runs a jewelry design business and is chairwoman of the University of Michigan regents.

Detroit CBS Local reports:

“Denise Ilitch is looking to help military brides by offering them designer jewelry as a gift for their big day as a thank you.Ilitch, eldest offspring of Mike and Marion Ilitch, announced her Michigan Military Brides Program to give back. “Supporting and honoring our troops and their families is very dear to me,”said Ilitch, who owns Denise Ilitch Designs.“They are giving up so much serving our country that I wanted to come up with somethng to tell them how much we appreciate them.”

She’s pure evil, I tell ya’!

Through all of her dealings, she has not obfuscated her status as an employer by directing her staff on who to vote for, or consequences would be dearly paid. That’s the trend with Republicans as of late; blackmail your employees, while feigning to be job creators. She was not in the news threatening employees if they did not vote for Barack Obama.

Iiltch is a very wealthy woman, in fact, her family is among the wealthiest and most influential in Michigan with an empire worth billions. Did the Ilitch family threaten their employees with a promise of unemployment — no, they actually allowed their employees to (GOP, say it with me now) work for a living and in return, they have dedicated employees so that their business can prosper even more. 

In contrast, meet Papa John. As reported here, the partisan pizza maker, John Schnatter, founder and CEO of Papa John’s, had a public hissy fit over ObamaCare, so much so that he announced to the world that he is forced to raise his prices due to the new health care law. Schnatter is raising his prices 11 cents, likely in protest. 










And now, we learn that Schnater is also cutting down on employees’ hours.

This is a sad day but not unexpected. Threats to employees by CEOs gained momentum as the Presidential election neared. Those touting themselves as job creators, are destroying lives, with reckless abandon.

Schnatter has a vast fortune with a net worth of $240 million. John Schnatter has accumulated his net worth through his franchises in over 3400 restaurants around the world. He was born in Jefferson, Indiana U.S. In 2011, John was listed at number 17 on Forbes list as one of the wealthiest (under 40 years old).

My advice, is for us to go to Little Caesars. In dissent Republicans can continue on with the Job Destroyers, but we don’t reward bad behavior. That’s the Republican mantra. This isn’t an issue of whether Papa John is a Republican or Democrat, but that he’s passing on the cost to people like you and me, and his employees, while enjoying a vast fortune. Greed isn’t pretty. Contact info for John can be found here.

A big shout out to another, actual job creator, who is an amazing boss. FreakOutNation’s admin (aka: Mr. Sweetie) gave 1000+ employees in his company the day off. As soon as he has an opening for a tech-moron, I am applying.

Pure evilness!

What evil @ComgenKDT did (aside from keeping this site together for no pay whatsoever):

Vote day was a paid day with work optional ( day + hourly ) – vote or don’t vote, Obama, Mitt, Other no pressure. Comgen was happy to report all staff did vote or said they did.

“Skippy bet me that Mitt would win. If he did I would give everyone one day off with pay. If Obama won, Skip would give everyone holiday pay day off. <<– he was pretty sure of himself but ended up voting Obama.”

Welcome to the dark side Skippy.

In return, Comgen and Skippy have one of the lowest turnover rates in their business model.

Take that Papa John!

P.S.: Ladies, Comgen is also single and sexay as hell!

  • Papa John

    Even I wouldn’t eat my pizza.

  • Buddy

    First off I can’t stand Papa Johns pizza. And secondly I would not go there after I learned that when they receive resumes if they see it’s an an older person they won’t even look at it except for throwing it in the garbage He;s scum

  • Joe Castellano

    I will, and I will tell all my friends to “BOYCOTT PAPA JOHN”S PIZZA”

  • Joe Castellano

    Schnatter is the biggest BIGOT business owner I know of !!

  • Paul Higby

    Learn economics. When tax obligations rise, prices must rise for employers to meet them. If employers can avoid taxes legally by employing fewer people (i.e., if employers can keep their taxes lower than if they continued employing the same number of people), and if businesses can keep their prices the same as a result, they will do so. You cannot expect someone to continue all things, maintaining equality and continuing their current behavior, when another factor is brought into play. Economics is nothing but cause-and-effect. Expenses go up, prices increase or people lose jobs. It’s human nature. Sorry if you think they’re dicks; why don’t you do something about that? Why don’t you start your own pizza chain, employ thousands of people, incur millions in expenses and taxes, and just go right on paying the government without altering any other behavior when the government reach deeper into your pocket?

    • History and stuff

      Taxes have not gone up. If they do, they will resume to the rates before the Bush-era, when we were a thriving nation. Learn economics. You do not punish employees because something might happen.

      • BYamo

        You are being too literal…taxes haven’t gone up, benefits costs and the cost to comply with the Affordable Care Act will go up at the company level. Whether the later is a tax or not can be debated, it is a mandated expense that the business owner must undertake. The easy way around this is to move people from above 30 hours (close to full-time employment) to below that level. Then, those people will have to buy insurance via the exchanges or the private market.

        • History and stuff

          Watch how quick this guy’s business sinks. He may then rethink his tactics. He cannot imagine how much his rate might go up, then fault his employees. He cannot do that without consequence. It is what it is.

    • Linda Gallie

      Learn about the real world! Once you reach the age of about 25 years you stop acting like a child and start taking responsibility for your life, your business decisions and your political opinions. Papa John’s has clearly made that decision too and he chose to make it public!! I look forward to enjoying Little Caesars from now on because the fundamental law of economics is “supply and demand”! Peace Out!

    • Kit

      You snotty twat. Papa John’s had other options and we all know it. This is scream for attention after a humiliating defeat. Please don’t continue the Rethuglicans lies and just admit that you were wrong and you lost.

    • jokr8790

      Even assuming your premise that tax obligations have risen, there’s no reason why the wealthy CEOs can’t absorb them. I don’t give a crap about him raising prices I don’t eat there anyway, but in the typical boneheaded uber capitalist stupidity, the employees whose hours you cut will not be employees who can contribute to the economy by buying goods and services. As you’ve seen paul there are other companies who are behaving in a socially responsible manner like Costco’s and Little Caesar’s. Stop learning economics from Karl Rove or Ben Stein (although I think occasionally a glimmer of the light is beginning to get through to Stein) they’re really not very good at it.

    • baruchzed

      The money they aren’t paying in taxes now is going into profit for the owners. That is where the restoration of the tax rate should draw from again, will draw from again, and that is why they resist it…greed. People who justify this kind of attitude seem to treat money as if it can be valued on par with life. It cannot. Life trumps money, and the lives of hard working people trump the lavish lifestyle of the greedy owner.

    • Sally

      So he had to raise prices. So what? Raise them .10 more and keep people working. He is a dick because he used the election to blame his business decision on. He used the election to fire people. That is not good business; it’s being a dick. And in case he didn’t notice, an awful lot of people in this nation are not supportive of the GOP business model of underpaying employees while the boss is a multi-millionaire. I had been a John’s customer, but no more.

    • Michael Del Vecchio

      The choice is ultimately his. I would be willing to bet, had he not increased his prices, the company would still be making money….Oh gee maybe a little less…. To say that he did it because of Obama or any other reason is not taking personal responsibility. Personal responsibility would look more like this. I may have to pay more taxes or more in health care, but I value my employees and my customers, so what can I do, that would be fiscally responsible to both myself and my business to minimize price increases. This is how a true leader would react, and it would be taking ownership. MUCH easier to announce to the world that because of Obama or whatever reason I have been forced to raise my prices. It also creates fear and I am sure he is using it to try and persuade others that Obama was a bad choice.

    • Tami Tipton Halphen

      Ok, let’s look at it another way. Pretty much all large companies are going to be in the same boat. Everyone is going to have to raise the prices 15 cents a pizza (or whatever). Suppose Papa Dick decides he’s going to fire some employees, but no one that can eat that crappy pizza he makes is going to stop buying it for only 15 cents more. He’s still going to have the same amount of customers – unless he drives them away by his “my employees are a drag on the business” attitude – but now he has less employees to do the work. Pizzas are late being made, late going out, late getting to the customer, cold when they get them, customers complain and then he has to hire more employees to keep up with the work – or go out of business. Believe me, he’ll be calling them back to work when there are 10 people in line to order pizzas and the phone ringing off the wall – unless of course he goes broke because he has no customers.

  • @Tytymandingo

    Would love to hear about more businesses that are leading the way back to civility. It truly pains me that the bottom line is more valued in this country than the poverty line.

  • Richard Mudd

    I don’t eat his pizzas, but would be nice if the entire country aleast on the Progressive side BOYCOTTED Papa John’s. Then he wouldn’t have to get Peyton Manning to to endorse his pizzas, and Papa John could give the whole damn business away. They would not be missed.

  • smith.kyle87

    Conservatives can eat Papa John’s. Little Caesar will get my money now.

  • novenator

    Fuck papa johns. Their pizzas taste like something would come out of the John anyways. Go to Papa Murphys if you want a *good* take and bake pizza.

  • Steve Steven

    Papa Johns is afterbirth on toast. Horrible crap.
    Little Caesar’s for 5 bucks, I’m there.

    • baruchzed

      There’s an image for ya…lol

  • baruchzed

    “Papa” John, do you have enough yet? How much is enough? We know that you are just protecting your personal hoard regardless of the harm you cause. Personally I think what you’re doing is immoral, firing employees and cutting hours to protect your personal lavish lifestyle. You’re a greedy selfish man.

  • Dicks

    has nothing to do with whether you are a republican or democrat dicks are dicks my company is italian with an american headquarters they just on the sneak hired 4 people (still not announced to the company) and laid of 5 people a week after the hire to pay for their salaries. Some of these people have worked for the company over 18 years. They did nothing to deserve this and got no severance packages. Dicks are Dicks!

  • Jamie Quinones

    Never liked his shitty pizza anyway!

  • dagobarbz


  • jondos

    Well, does Little Ceasars provide healthcare to their employees? And does little Ceasars own all the shops or are they franchised and independently owned? And how many shops does Little Ceasar have and how many does Papa John own? And how many total employees are on the books? Are they full time or part time? These are all very important tax questions! And how many people does Freakout Nation employ? Perhaps it might be time to do your civic duty and hire extra people, even if it might cost you money? If people need jobs and Papa Johns laying off, Freakout Nation should heed the call. Don’t reprimand and berate others, take up the slack and hire 5 or 6 extra people. Stop complaining and demand others behave a certain way, set the tone and DO IT YOURSELF.

  • PragmaticCentrist

    It will be a cold day in hell before my family eats another Little Ceasars pizza. Thank you for posting this. Papa Johns will become my main supplier. Schnatter is right, Obamacare will increase costs for healthcare and reduce the access for those who already have coverage. You leftists are greedy. Always wanting to do good with someone else’s money. Like Europe, sooner or later you run out of someone else’s money.

    • Laura Bilbo

      LOL. You mean like how the US is surviving on China’s money? You can thank Bush for that one. Clinton had us in near zero debt…..Boohoo, us greedy leftists think if you are so filthy rich you can bathe in hundred dollar bills every morning, just maybe you should be a proper human being and do your part to take care of the people who got you there….!

    • Sux2BU

      If you are so worried about money you would be much better off eating Little Caesar’s. A large pizza at Papa John’s is more than twice as expensive as LCs.

  • Kenneth Williams

    Little Caesars for me.

  • Mark Banish

    I can proudly say I’ve never had even a single slice of his filthy fascist pie.

  • Lleyten Cury

    this is a good comparison between the some or two of the leading pizza-maker in the country. however, whoever is the more richer will also assist or help their staff or employee rise from their living condition.

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