Obama on Susan Rice: “If Senators McCain & Graham want to go after somebody, they should go after me”

President Obama held a news conference, which is still ongoing, and it was good to see the Obama we first elected in 2008 fighting back. Republican senators are once again voicing strong opposition to the possible nomination of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to serve as Secretary of State.

Shorter Obama: You wanna fuck with someone? Fuck with me.










Obama’s got this. After being asked about Susan Rice and the stalwart Republican opposition against her, the POTUS said, “If Senators McCain and Graham want to go after somebody, they should go after me.” It’s “outrageous” for them to “besmirch” her reputation. Rice was doing what the White House asked.”

Obama: “When they go after the UN ambassador, because they think she’s an easy target, then they’ve got a problem with me”

“If I think she would be the best person to serve American in the capacity of the State Department, then I will nominate her. That’s not a determination I’ve made yet.”

Another great quote, when asked if he had met with Mitt Romney — and I have no idea why they would have a meeting since Romney does not hold a political office, but perhaps, since Chris Christie and the President are buddies, the media feels he’s BFFs with every fucking body. Who knows. So, Obama said, “I did try to call him.” Then went on to say that Romney did a good job at the Olympics. In short, he said, “Let me try hard to think of something good to say. Meh, I got nothin’.

Image: Washington Post. 


  • Cons3rvativenPr0ud

    Obama is going to get pwned on Benghazi as well as those below him. Obama even admitted in a press conference that the White House sent her to say that. Cmon man! This is pathetic!

    • Dick Cheney

      Trust me. He won’t. First you have to be complicit.