Obama Shows Emotion at Campaign Headquarters, The Blaze Readers Go full Wingnut

President Obama is a show of gratitude paid a visit to the campaign office in Chicago. The newly reelected President thanked his supporters for their tireless work, as tears fell down his face. It was a beautiful moment, for some of us.

Watch the video, then we’ll look at the right wing’s reaction.


Glenn Beck’s The Blaze readers react:

Crocodile tears. Can’t wait to see what this country looks like in 4 years, if he ever steps down. He may just declare himself dictator for life because “there is too much work to accomplish yet.” This generation will have to go down as the ignorant fools that reelected a Marxist Muslim to destroy this country. All out of white guilt and payback to whitey.

In my opinion, this election would have been a Jimmy Carter type landslide in Romney’s favor, if not for all the Democrat voter fraud.

The anti-Christ will now fulfill his evil mission.

What a cry baby. Obama, that is. He needs to have a bawl-fest with Bohner.

This guy went all Game of Thrones on us. “Half man! Half man!”

Barack, You cried because you were so terrified the boogeyman was going to take your toys away from you. It’s relief from fear, you pathological mess of a (half) man.

Of Mice and Men:

I don’t believe the emotional cr@p for a second.
Just like the “healthcare” socialist government takeover was more important than than keeping Americans from sliding into poverty, he just managed to brainwash his believers into thinking gay marriage, abortion-as-contraception, and the injustice of making one’s own money are the issues of our times. Yeah…proud of his army of mice for being nudged into finding the free food.

He knows exactly what he is doing, and he is unemotional about it.
Did he run on gun-control?

Yet what was the first thing he did on Wednesday?
Cold and calculating.

I’ve known sociopaths who can turn on the tears– but I don’t even think that here.

Just tired and dry-eyed. Probably using drops.

No kidding!

Now I have no doubt that fraud investigations will change anything because of the lying media, but we should be yelling about fraud EVERYWHERE it may have occurred.
The cheaters should not be getting a total PR pass on this– voter fraud will NEVER go away with this idiotic silent response to it.

Conservative media is stupidly following the progressive’s rules about moving forward now– no looking back. They punched us in the stomach and somehow got us to believe that all the specifics of progressive corruption which were on the table the day before the elections are now null and void. Whether it could ever change the election or not, the whole first page here on TheBLAZE should be on voter fraud events and media disinformation. It would be easy to show that this election in no way gives a clear mandate to obama.

The truth has not changed–WH corruption and lies, media corruption and conscious disinformation misleading and disrespecting the American voter– and the BLAZE is talking about candidates for 2016, Krauthammer is talking immigration policy….
That’s NOT why we lost.

This guy went all Marx and Mao in the comment thread:

He’s feeling melancholy for his commie predecessors Marx, Mao, Lennon, and of course, Frank M Davis…He’s wishing ‘Oh, how I wish they could all be here to see me now.’
I’m feeling kinda bad for Chris Christie:
Has he shed any tears or even shown any concern for the victims of Sandy since his photo-op with fat boy Christie??
How many Obama worshipers just melted at the sight of their king weeping.Seems like I remember Clinton wiping away tears at Normandy Beach and his supporters were in awe of the depth of emotion in that man too.

Yes, we cry when John Boehner weeps. It’s all true:

Libs do love a good cry, don’t they?
Biblical comments for the win!
What’s next, the gospel of Obuma?..
“66. And he found out his followers had chosen him once more. Obama wept. He then started healing all the sick folks with his amazing healthcare system. He followed up by leveling the playing fields, giving everyone a fair shot, making sure folks always had money in their pocketbooks–no matter how useless it was.” -Redistributions 6:66
And lastly. There are more but you can go through them if you like. Or not.

Do not be deceived !

BO is up to his clever tricks by trying to emotionally manipulate the people with tears, thinking those who are against him will soften up and perhaps go a bit easy on him.

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