Republican Senatorial Hopes Running on Fumes: DeMint PAC pleads for people to think, pray about running

The nutjob that is Jim DeMint realizes he’s a lonely stalwart in the U.S. Senate now.

So, in order to remake the chamber into his dreamworld, his PAC is pleading for people to think about running, and yes, even pray.

In what was essentially a “we’re hiring” notice, the political action committee started by South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint asked donors to “please think about whether you or someone you know should run for public office.”

“I know it may sound like a crazy idea, but the only way we’re going to save this country is if principled, smart, honest, and humble Americans answer the call and toss their hats into the ring,” Matt Hoskins, the PAC’s executive director wrote. “Our principles are true and they’re timeless, but we need new faces and new energy to continue to strengthen the conservative movement.”

DeMint truly is one of a kind these days. Here’s hoping his tenure is in jeopardy in the next election cycle.


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