Romney adviser: Chris ‘Christie allowed Obama to be president’, forgets Mitt was a God-awful choice

During our climate of divisive politics, apparently, working together during a disaster is just not done. Chris Christie is being shunned by his Republican colleagues, which may not work out in their best interests. Because of the praise the New Jersey Governor afforded President Obama for his response to his state’s devastating blow from Superstorm Sandy, he is no longer the GOP’s BFF.








Incredibly, while ‘soul searching’, instead of coming to the realization that the man they supported, lacked substance and conviction, Republicans are blaming Romney’s defeat on Chris Christie, simply because he was doing his job in working with the President for the benefit of the people of his State, instead of against them.

Daily Intel reports:

 But in the days after the storm, Mr. Christie and his advisers were startled to hear from out-of-state donors to Mr. Romney, who had little interest in the hurricane and viewed him solely as a campaign surrogate, demanding to know why he had stood so close to the president on a tarmac. One of them questioned why he had boarded Mr. Obama’s helicopter, according to people briefed on the conversations.

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How dare the Governor stand close to the President of the United States.

“It hurt him a lot,” said Douglas E. Gross, a longtime Republican operative in Iowa who has overseen several presidential campaigns in the state. “The presumption is that Republicans can’t count on him.”

Republican voters in Iowa, the first state to select presidential candidates, “don’t forget things like this,” Mr. Gross said.

With Mr. Romney’s loss still an open sore, Mr. Christie’s conduct remains a topic of widespread discussion in the party.

“People keep asking me why you were so nice to the president,” Governor-elect Pat McCrory of North Carolina told Mr. Christie when they encountered each other beneath a gem-studded chandelier at the hotel.

“I tell them you are doing your job,” Mr. McCrory said.

“That’s right,” Mr. Christie replied, patting him on the back.

And now they’re blaming Romney’s defeat on Governor Christie:

“Christie,” a Romney adviser said, “allowed Obama to be president, not a politician.”

A top Romney aide described the contributors as “furious” with Mr. Christie.

“A lot of politicians look out for themselves,” said Mr. Gross, the Republican from Iowa. “They just usually camouflage it better.”

During a crisis here in New York, we do not concern ourselves with which letter comes after someone’s name, which side of the aisle they sit on; we work together. During a fierce blizzard here in Manhattan, I recall a disheveled, and seemingly homeless Black man, standing on the corner, generously helping people across the incredibly icy sidewalk. Many people had fallen in that same spot. So, a wealthy looking woman was trying to cross the street, and the homeless man promptly came to her aid with a smile on his face, and his arm extended. He almost fell himself, which prompted the lady to help him up. That’s what we do in New York. We work together.

Not to worry GOP: Most of us on the left still think that politically Chris Christie is a dick, but that is not what this is about. What we did see in Christie, was that unlike most Republicans, he actually (say it with me now) cares about the people in his state. It has been refreshing to observe and I applaud seeing more of the same.

Learn from ‘we the people.’

Comment of the day from Paresh Desai:

Yeah, The tax returns that were hidden is not considered.

Prancing horses write offs were not considered.

Let Detroit go bankrupt was not considered.

Multiple flip flops not considered.

Killing Obamacare and Plan Parentedhood funding not considered.

Bain screwup and layoff and jobs shipped abroad not considered.

47% moochers comments were not considered.

Just borrow from your parents were not considered.

But Chris Christie seeking help after “Sandy” from Obama…
Yeah that sealed the deal to defeat Mitt Romney because Obama gifted the money and forced everybody to vote against Mitt Romney.
What a concept.

GOP should have thought of that too.

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