Sign this White House Petition: Nominate Leo W. Gerard for Secretary of Labor


Nominate United Steelworkers President

Leo W. Gerard for

Secretary of Labor

No labor leader has stood his ground or fought as hard as International President Leo W. Gerard to preserve and create union-wage jobs that support middle-class families and their communities.

What better to continue moving forward than nominating Gerard to Secretary of Labor.

As USW President, Gerard was instrumental in the formation of the Industrial Union Council of the AFL-CIO. He is a member of the AFL-CIO Executive Committee as well as serving on its Executive Council. He is also a board member of the AFL-CIO Transportation Trades Department and chairs the AFL-CIO Public Policy Committee.

Gerard also serves on the U.S. National Commission on Energy Policy.

  • novenator

    It’s about time we have a Sec. of Labor that actually *comes from* a labor background again, instead of the pro-big business corporate shills that have been installed for 30+ years into the post.

    • Jamie Sanderson

      Totally agree. In the event Solis resigns (doesn’t return under the new administration), it would serve the people to have Gerard’s name on the table – with huge backing.

    • Hank

      Right. There should be no bias there!!

  • underwriter505

    Well, then, push this petition. I was only #33 to sign and we need 25,000 to even get an answer and only have 29 days now.