So, Nikki Haley wants evil federal government involvement in South Carolina now

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley must be suffering from delusions.

Haley has stubbornly stated the state will not participate in the creation of health insurance exchanges.

Gov. Nikki Haley told the federal government Thursday that South Carolina won’t set up a state health exchange, saying President Barack Obama’s re-election did not change her stance.

In a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Haley says the exchanges called for under the federal health care law known as Obamacare are state-based in name only.

“Instead, they simply pass along to the state the burdens of a new and cumbersome bureaucracy,” Haley wrote.

Haley’s decision is no surprise. But Sebelius wanted to hear by Friday if states would be setting up health insurance markets under the law.

But Haley’s ignorant action has opened a door for hypocrisy.

Her anti-federal government stature will take a serious blow when the federal government involves itself in South Carolina by creating the exchanges.

Under the law, states that can’t or won’t set up exchanges will have theirs run by Washington.

A backer of the law said that’s a good thing. Haley, along with other Republican governors, had hoped a change in the White House would bring a repeal of the law.

What is more laughable is loon Sen. Jim DeMint, the arch enemy of the federal government, supports Haley’s decision – to let Washington run S.C.’s health exchange affairs.

“Governor Haley should be applauded for standing up for South Carolina patients, doctors, and taxpayers by opposing the creation of an Obamacare exchange in our state,” said Senator DeMint. “Her decision will help shield South Carolina from job destroying tax increases on state businesses, save taxpayers millions of dollars in set up costs, and allow our state to fight for health care solutions that don’t limit choices of families and doctors. Obamacare is already failing, forcing businesses across the country to cut back wages and hours while increasing health care costs and things will only get worse. We must continue to fight for full repeal of this government takeover and for commonsense solutions that expand health care freedom.”

I’ll let the lunatic’s words stand for themselves.

Oh, and forget the fact health insurance premiums in the state have risen steadily over the years.


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