Imagine if the petitioners’ wish to secede was granted and this ‘letter’ was sent to Texas from President Obama

You know, it’s truly sick of southern Republicans to be acting the way they are.

First, they failed in voting President Obama out of office because not all of America subscribes to their hatred and racism. Second, they scream secession.

Now, let’s examine that.

What if this “letter” was sent to Texas from President Obama?

Do you think these idiots wanting to “secede” from our great country get it? If not, they ought to read the above.

I suppose they suffer from some psychological problems.

Third, they want to impeach the president.

Let me sum this up.

Not a damn thing helps the unemployed in this country, the same people Mitt Romney kept crowing about. In essence, they failed in defeating the black man. I say this because their actions prove every single day what their true feelings are.

And this should not be ignored. It should be called out and made to look foolish, sick and insubordinate to America and its principles.

  • The tiny blue dot in Texas

    Why can’t we all just get along?

    • Jamie Sanderson

      Hey, your tiny dot is growing. Won’t be tiny for long.

      • The tiny blue dot in Texas

        It’s lonely for a little dot like me in big Texas. I have to go now. There’s a fire and the governor told us to pray for rain. Bye!

  • cfgregory

    That dot is getting bigger…


    Peacefully grant the city of Austin Texas to withdraw from the state of Texas & remain part of the United States.

  • Kate Hancock

    Austin Stays With The United States Of Sanity.

  • tanya

    i think they know your rules and dont care they can stand on there own with out our so called government and when and if it happen Texas population will explode i also believe a true Texan in the military will come there country of Texas im not racist im just saying

  • Tricia Gamble

    Who are the real racists? Ask yourself why the best and brightest black and hispanic politicians are in the Republican Party? Are there any racists who call themselves Republicans ? Sure. But the majority aren’t. Are there any racists who call themselves Democrats? Of course. Do you think the 9100 black people in one precinct who voted for Obama and Zero for Romney did not consist of some racists? (oops I’m not suppose to say that….that’s not politically correct. Only liberals can call people racists). Of course It did. At least a few of those people would not agree philosophically with Obama. You want to know why liberals can get away with spreading those lies that Republicans are racists? Because the main stream media helps them. Did you know that the main stream media didn’t air any of the speeches by the brilliant, articulate black and other minority speakers at the Republican National Convention? Why do you think that was? That might expose the truth about their lies of racism about Republicans. I know liberals need to hang on to their race card. Now that the economy is a hundred times more sucking since Obama took office and they can’t continue to blame Bush, what else do they have, really ?

    • James

      ^^^^LMAO & CTHU at this comment!^^^

  • RetroPatriot

    The letter above provides an interesting point to be made (though renditions an approach of the average heavily scorned ex). Texas as a divided nation, (through time and a necessary requirement of well directed leadership) could provide answers and perhaps even solutions to all the points made in the letter above. Little research would be necessary to illustrate their currently potentially successful independent economy and not to mention that which the United States would lose by losing them (i.e. oil production, and other contributions in medical and powerful military bases – before you jump on that imagine if Texans took over the military bases and NASA). And all that aside, this conversation is a mute point, because your initial comments warrant this entire letter null and voided, rendering the creator to the obvious politically driven action of an angry man instead of the message intended. I find it strange that politically driven individuals often act as an average scorned ex girlfriend on a daily basis. For God’s sake (if you so believe), science says we are 4 million years of evolution at work… When are we all going to act like it?

  • john

    What are liberals going to do when they and their 3rd world pets are expelled out the US LOL!? Military infantry is white. Law enforcement is white. Intelligence community is white. Whites have the most guns. The US govt is antiwhite and doing everything in its power to reduce whites to a minority. You people are maniacs.

  • Peter Gatliff

    Instead of going threw all this trouble lets gets some ropes for the traitors and keep Texas.