States wanting to Secede from our evil Socialist empire took millions in federal money, rank highest in income inequality

In ironic news today: Petitions began popping up after President Obama won over Republican candidate Mitt Romney. All the states petitioning to secede from the United States that obtained enough signatures to elicit a response from the White House — with the exception of Alabama — were some of the largest recipients of federal funding in 2010.





ABC reports:

Census records show that six of the seven states that amassed more than 25,000 signatures on their petitions to form independent nations in the past week took more than $10 million in revenue from the federal government that year.

The seven states – Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina – took more than 23 percent of all federal revenue allotted to the states that year.

Missouri also received $11 million and has collected more than 29,500 signatures, but the electronic votes are divided between two identical petitions, disqualifying the state from receiving a White House response.

Those same states also rate as having the highest percentage in income inequality according to a new report released today. 

Let’s just look at one of them.  Ah hell, let’s go for two.

Rick Perry’s Texas:

The average drop in incomes among the bottom 20 percent of households over the last decade went down by 10 percent, while higher earners — the richest 5 percent of households  — have average incomes 14.3 times as large as the bottom 20 percent of households and 4.8 times as large as the middle 20 percent of households.

Bobby Jinda’s Louisiana:

While the poorest households have seen no change in income — after decades of widening inequality, Louisiana’s richest households have dramatically bigger incomes than its poorest households.

The richest 5 percent of households have average incomes 14.1 times as large as the bottom 20 percent of households and 4.5 times as large as the middle 20 percent of households.

According to the report, and via dialogue during a conference call in which FreakOutNation participated in, the study’s analysts conclude that the jaw dropping disparity between the classes can be remedied.

As reported here, the amount of revenue the states pull in can effect income inequality. In bad times, they tend to raise sales tax. Revenues are still 6% below recession levels. Once we see revenue, income taxes will be cut. By preserving progressive taxes, we can restore services. Maryland raised their taxes to aid education funding. Compare to Kansas, which afforded a large tax cut.

Workers: Assistance for job care, health insurance. When workers via the Affordable health care Act have access to health care, they are more productive.

State minimum wage needs to automatically adjust.

All states face growing inequality. Governors and legislators, can help their states grow. Education, indexing minimum wage, etc.

In short, that evil Socialist faction that they hate — which they deem as Socialism — could save these states from further disparity.  Adjusting minimum wage automatically — the same minimum wage which some Republicans would want to eradicate completely — could turn them around. But, go on, secede — just pay us the money you’ve been afforded through federal dollars first, mmkay?

  • Jim Hubbard

    Not to mention the fact that 40% of Texas’ state revenue comes from the federal government and they have no state income tax. If those secessionists are whining about taxes now…

    • asdf

      dude. we have the most insane property taxes here. the only people who aren’t contributing in texas are the freeloaders who don’t own their own property.

      • Matt A

        You know property tax is rolled into the cost of rent, right? How else do you think landlords are paying it?

      • Penitent Engine

        No shit, asswipe? As the recession wore on, my rent increased every three to four months as property taxes elevated to account for shortfalls in income from the state sales tax. “Renters don’t pay property tax” my fanny – what planet are you from?

      • EAD

        Renters are freeloaders?

      • Wil Fiacco

        What a stupid thing to say. Guess he doesn’t understand how paying rent works.

    • ACHB

      Get your facts straight. From 1990-2009 Texas paid 2738.6 billion in tax and received 2348.8 billion in federal funds, LOSING 389.8 billion dollars, or 34% of the state’s total economy just by being part of the US.

      They have the legitimate opportunity to be better off financially. If it is the majority will of the people there, I really don’t have a problem with it.

  • Ahab

    Ugh. Some people just don’t think.
    All this angry secessionist talk has me shaking my head. Don’t the signatories realize what a disaster seceeding would be, in the HIGHLY unlikely event that it took place?

    • Melissa McCann

      Well…no. No they don’t. lol. I can’t figure that out either–poor education? Many of those states allow creationism to be taught in biology classes. Really low income–are they relying on the super-rich to hand out jobs? Probably, they just can’t understand what is happening around them and flail around blindly blaming them damned [insert randomly selected “other guy” here]. Ooh! I know! It’s the abortions! Abortions are causing their poverty! Also birth-control.

  • Dave

    This article is somewhat misleading. Texas, for example, receives $.85 for every dollar contributed to the federal government. Yes, most states on the list receive more than they contribute–but Texas isn’t one of them. Certainly, I think secession is a bad idea–but this article fails to tell the whole story.

    • nosedigger

      Yes, but the other states *want* Texas to secede. “It’s like a whole other country.”

      • Ralph Reinhold

        The other states need Texas to secede. Otherwise, they’d have to support themselves.

  • Rod

    Can’t spend and borrow, 16 trillion $ deficet, 4 billion a day just on the interest, we borrow 60 cents of every dollar we spend. His economic agenda is all layed out in ” Obama 2016 “, and it ain’t pretty!

    • Magill Foote

      Urr, I saw it in a movie, therefore it must be true.

    • some_internet_person

      It’s $16 trillion in debt. With ~$1 trillion being added per year due to the deficit in our budget. Given your inaccuracy, I’m inclined to distrust your stats on the interest and what we have to borrow to sustain it all, but you’re at least in the right ballpark, so I’ll let that be.

      But here’s the real question: to whom the blame? Bush kicked off two trillion-dollar wars, didn’t push Congress to fund them, because that would have meant tax hikes. Bush started Medicare Part D, another trillion-dollar entitlement with no funding, because that would have meant tax hikes.

      And while both parties bear some degree of blame for deregulating the financial industry to the point that they felt comfortable gambling and committing flat-out frauds, the economy went off the cliff on Bush’s watch, started unraveling under a Republican Congress that had the stats to see it all coming, and that was another multi-trillion addition to our debt in the form of both bailouts and also loss in economic output, and therefore, taxation.

      Against that, Obama has produced exactly ONE major “cost”: ObamaCare. It’s cost is slated to be about $1 trillion……across a decade. If you look at the statistics, you’ll see that paying $100 billion a year (or in other terms, less than 5% of our national budget) to ensure that virtually all Americans have access to non-ER health-care is actually a VERY profitable notion for us as a country, since it eliminates massive losses elsewhere in the economy.

      We’d do even better under one of those “no-good Socialist” single-payer systems…which actually aren’t Socialist at all, it’s just a re-allocation of assets and resources, and a streamlining of how providers get paid. But I’ll avoid going further into that.

      As for “economic agendas”…..the bottom line on that front is that America still has a 20th Century economy, and we need to turn the corner into the 21st Century if we’re going to retain our lead in technology and industry. Some say China has already surpassed us in industrial capacity, and if indeed they have, it is because we have allowed them to by obstructing progress in emerging markets to protect sacred dying-market cash-cows for rich donors.

      (I’d read you the “usual-suspect” list of names here, but you heard most of them all through this last election. Start with the Koch Bros and Murray, and work your way through the donor lists.)

      I rest my case.

      • susan

        Well said.

      • Melissa McCann

        It feels so good to read logic and evidence : ). Balm to my soul.

  • Shawn Blagg

    Population of the U.S.A. > 350,000,000
    Secession petition Signers: < 1,000,000
    %of population who signed: < 0.3%
    Math is fun.

    • Donnie Darko

      Yes, it is.

    • Betty Eyer

      That’s assuming that the people who signed the petition are 1) registered voters 2) from the state whose petition they signed 3) did not vote more than once on any one petition by creating other email addresses 4) did not vote on more than one petition. The real number is probably a lot lower.

    • Ralph Reinhold

      It’s even more fun than that. Look. The same names are on multiple petitions. The signers are mostly not from the state they are asking to secede (except Texas the last I looked). Things like this and Missouri (and probably some other states) having multiple petitions show how dumb these people actually are. How ’bout giving them Shemya Island and making it independent?

  • John Cisar

    Is this how “the South shall rise again?” HA! The Supreme Court ruled Texas cannot legally secede. So the Federal Government wouldn’t tolerate any attempt. And if they tried, I’m certain the military bases controlled by the DOD out of Washington would give those who tried more than a few barrels to stare down.

  • rebl stevn

    fedgov taxes the FRNs from the people of the several states, then doles it back out, but the money is the fedgovs?

  • aamanatullah

    Income equality is due to usury and crony capitalism. Poverty is highest around financial capitals of the world.

  • Patchy Drizzle

    The people in Arizona were excited when they heard that Texas might leave the country. They think it will be a shorter drive to New Orleans!

    • Lauren Combs

      Geography is fun too!


    I checked 2,399 of Tennessee’s 26,388 signers yesterday and found fewer than 44% of that group listed Tennessee in their address. Many signers were from other states where they also signed their state’s secession petition, as well as several others. The Texas secessionists evidently are not as bright as their Governor, who isn’t the brightest bulb in the pack, but stated he did not support secession.

  • Fed up with Repubs

    How un American these states are…and if I hear about that propaganda movie 2016 again…get over it already!! Why don’t we just work together? What is so friggen hard about that?

  • Fed Up

    Pay the federal dollars back first? Really!!? How about asking the federal government to pay back the tax payers for all the money back they used to bail out GM? How about the millions of stimulus dollars wasted on solar energy companies that languished at best then failed. Get your facts straight before you speak.

    • MaineGeezer

      Um, as I heard it, the federal gov’t loaned GM money, and got paid back — at a profit, I believe.

      • Brenda Sparks

        Um,ok, where did that money go? Not back to the tax payer.

  • Colleen Eerie

    Seem to remember the last time something like this was started it was over the abolishment of slavery….seems to me the theme is the same, folks have just realized not calling it what it is gets those who’d be the new ‘slaves’ to agree to it!

  • Timknowsit

    Turn off your televisions (vile evil vision noise) and unplug your HD antennas For the next three months or longer. See if you notice anything different in the first week. I don’t/won’t own a tv and haven’t had one for over three years. A lot of people do a lot of talking But because they rely on their job/money, status etc. That is all they will ever do. our govmn’t doesn’t want us to evolve or grow. Why do you think the HD Box became federal Law? Once the media is cut off from knowing who is watching what, The socialists might want to intervene. Hmmm… The wealthy collide with the wealthy that made them wealthy. Sounds like sweet music to God’s ears! Pastor T.K.

  • Danny Adams

    If anyone wants to see how much money each state got just from the Recovery Act alone, you can go to Offhand I don’t see any Red States that refused the money.

  • Marcia Yates

    If everyone who signed all of those petitions were serious about not being part of the United State, let it be so. Effective immediately, they are entitled to no public services, schools, military protection or use of currency. Let each and every one of them be the head of his own little city state with no fiscal or diplomatic ties to the United States. No passports, no military, no police, fire or military protection, no right to use public roads or other public facilities. Let them all pack up and leave! We’d be better off without that tiny percent of the population bringing the rest of us down. If they try to secede as a group, they should be dealt with by the United States government the same way it would deal with any other foreign attack on the country.