Stephen Colbert asks Newt Gingrich if he was smoking crack when predicting a Mitt Romney landslide

Stephen Colbert interviewed Newt Gingrich on his show, and asked about his election night meltdown. During the campaign Gingrich predicted a landslide for Mitt Romney, which obviously, did not occur.  Just days before the election, everyone at Fox News seemed to be in denial that Mitt Romney losing was a possibility, and then on election night, Karl Rove refused to believe that Ohio would go to Obama — even after 74% of the votes were in.

So, Colbert asks Gingrich is he was smoking crack — then delved into why Gingrich suddenly supported a man, he not so long ago referred to as a liar. And then the issue of Super PACs and Sheldon Adelson’s massive contributions was brought up during the interview — which felt a bit uncomfortable as Gingrich tried to play a virtuous role, of wanting good and decency in our election process.


  • Crack dealer

    Yes yes he was.