That’s not the ‘fiscal cliff’ you’re seeing. That is the GOP’s massive partisan derrière.

Top Conservative talkers have called out Republicans for their methodology in fixing our flailing economy by protecting the wealthiest — targeting Grover Norquist as the complicit figure. The ‘trickle down effect’ has been ineffectual, at least for the ones who are supposed to be ‘trickled’ upon — unless it’s urine actually trickling down. Bill Kristol, among others have come to the realization — albeit, most waited until after their candidate was defeated; the very same candidate who wanted tax revenue off the table — that raising taxes on the wealthy, would indeed better the economy. So, can we stop pretending that tax cuts for high earners, will somehow magically morph America into a prosperous nation? Can they stop with their nonsensical mutterings as they feign to do the right thing?

No, we cannot. We still have a Mitch McConnell problem and even with John Boehner showing signs of compromise, the bargain he wants to reach, is only if what his party calls ‘entitlements’ are thrown under the bus.

Joe Scarborough joins the list of the newly enlightened.

Via Media Matters:

No shit Joe? What gave it away? If Joe thinks high earners paying 15 percent is immoral now, then why didn’t he find it vacant of morality before election day? However did Scarborough figure this out — after the damned election — after he voted for Mitt Romney. How moral is it, to vote for someone that you disagree with privately about tax revenue, but then open up to the public about your real thoughts after the election — on your popular television show, where said opinion could have carried an enormous amount of weight during the election. Or perhaps, a television personality with a massive viewership such as his, could have actually done something good for the country — as a man of conviction. But no, Scarborough waited until after the election. He waited until billions were spent on campaigns, with one side campaigning as protectorates of the wealthy, while the other side fought for the middle class — and Joe supported the former, not the latter. Joe Scarborough, that is the very definition of immoral. At least Bill Kristol had the dignity to stand by his convictions, despite being in opposition to Romney’s line of thinking — but in the end, he likely voted for Mitt Romney.

Grover Norquist doesn’t even pretend to have a solution anymore. His cover is blown. Norquist is well aware that the Red States, the same states that voted for Mitt Romney, are the ‘moochers.’ Fox News played them like a fiddle — dueling banjos would be a more appropriate term.

GOPers actually pulled a bipartisan report down because it did not conclude the results they desired.

November first (again, before the election) Talking Points Memo reported:

The author of a Congressional Research Service study, who found no evidence that tax cuts for high income earners lead to economic growth, is standing by his work, after the legislative branch’s nonpartisan research arm withdrew the report under pressure from Republican leaders. And Democratic principals are demanding to know why CRS caved to GOP pressure.

CRS quietly and quickly pulled the six-week old report, despite the wishes of the research arm’s economic team, the New York Times reported.

One by one, Conservatives are owning up, admitting that tax revenue would better the economy — just as it did when Reagan raised taxes eleven times. But, they waited until after the election to become ‘enlightened.’ It’s as if, suddenly, it hit them. Stop the madness: Republicans knew the entire time that they were fucking over the American people.  After all is said and done, if Conservative America is finally coming to its senses, (after the election) then we should not be having talks about the mythical ‘fiscal cliff’ which oddly resembles Grover Norquist’s prodigious derrière.

After working for decades, Walmart’s employees earn little more than minimum wage and their kids are on food stamps. There is nothing trickling down. If there were, the massive chain store’s five heirs would not garner as much wealth as 40 percent of all Americans, then only pay approximately 15 percent in taxes, while being afforded every loophole known to mankind.

So Republicans, tell me again about that ‘trickle down’ effect — the same economical ‘solution’ which is overly generous toward the wealthy because of the other GOP myth: ‘job creators’.  The same economics that we’ve tried for years, with absolutely nothing to show for it. The same ‘solution’ which Republicans insisted on keeping in motion, by holding our country hostage in order to extend the Bush-era tax cuts — which has thus far, failed miserably. That said, most of them would love to see those same failed policies in that same revolving door, which never pays off in the end — well, not for most of us anyway — the wealthiest fared well though.

GOP, thy name is hypocrisy.

  • Unemployed Mitt Romney

    It’s all true. Even my buddy Grover called me a Poopy Head.

  • Older_Wiser2

    No one should be fooled by this BS since the Gopers are going after benefits we taxpayers paid for, or as they call them, “entitlements”…ours, not theirs. Will continue trying to make slaves of us.

    • The Real GOP

      All part and parcel of the on-going war on the Middle Class-The GOP owners want all the excess funds (as in all the money and control over all) and won’t stop until they create a full feudal state.