Two Anchors at a Fox Affiliated Station Resign on the air, citing unbalanced journalism

File this under: Amazing. Two news anchors at a Fox affiliate station in Bangor, Maine have departed from their jobs, on the air, after citing a battle with management over (wait for it) journalistic practices, specifically: unbalanced journalism. According to this, the co-anchors Cindy Michaels and Tony Consiglio told no one about their decision prior to Tuesday’s broadcast when their departure was announced.

Michaels, a 46 year old news anchor and news director cited frustration with senior management’s influence and desire for ‘somewhat unbalanced news,’ particularly in relation to politics. “Somewhat” unbalanced? Well, it’s a start.

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The duo spoke of resigning for some time, so their joint decision eventually went live, on the air.  Holy cow. 

Imagine anchors with Fox News, upset over the station’s dubious journalistic practices, which is whored out among the masses, resigning on the air: instant credibility after being pointed and laughed at for eons. But, that likely won’t happen. Or will it? The timing is appropriate, as the political discussion recently has been over the GOP’s main problem, many citing Fox News. In that case, if the two are jumping ship while the GOP implodes, then well done. They escaped in the nick of time.

The only credible anchor on Fox News, who might be tempted to resign over the network’s unbalanced and propagandist-style practices would be Shepard Smith, in my opinion.

Good job to the two anchors, who just evolved — enjoy your newfound credibility.  More of this please.

If the video is not working, go here. 


  • Roger Ailes

    We do not practice unbalanced journalism. Read our tagline, “fair and balanced.” Now keep repeating that thousands of times and you will believe it too.

  • Harold X

    For a “Fox-affiliated” station, there sure is a lot of ABC signage hanging around the place.

    • Maj

      Here you go…

      • Marcus Harvey

        That is a scary, scary website! Does Maine have a shortage of designers?

    • Uncanny

      She was once compared to Sarah Palin looks-wise and said, “It’s an honor.” It’s Fox alright.

      • Fed_Up18

        As much as I detest Sarah Palin, she *is* physically attractive (until she gives that wink).

        • Uncanny

          She is attractive, until she opens her mouth then a raging verbal diarrhea starts pouring out. Call me crazy, but that’s just not sexy.

        • Fred Smith

          If you say so. I never saw anything special about her. Even in old pictures when she was a second rate beauty queen. I wouldn’t have looked at her twice back then either. Then when she opens her mouth…that seals it right there.

      • stacie1

        ABC actually.

        • Liberalgirl

          No if you can read it’s a dual affiliate. And then again if you read the article you see why they left.

  • Mike Aguilar

    How come the story says “Fox Affiliate” yet the video and the anchors clearly state “ABC7”?

    • Google and stuff
    • Frank

      Don’t ask Liberals questions like that. It makes them automatically bury their little heads in the sand…

      • Uncanny

        Yes that must be it, aside from all the links left in this comment thread, which prove the contrary.

      • Fred Smith

        Yea, like how we all buried our heads in the sand over the skewed polls. It really sucked how that turned out.

    • genix

      dual affiliates WVII ABC 7 and WFVX FOX 22 = , video was captured while watching chan 7, I doubt many liberal leaning folks in Maine tune into Fox branding, same show and I believe they were originally part of the Fox team. There have been internal local issues between ABC7 + FOX22 push-pull in terms of content. IMO it was never a good fit. The station typically leans Fox but I’ve said this many times before, everywhere I’ve watch local fox affiliate channels I’ve never witnessed the same piss-pot-poor broadcasting as Foxnews Cable. Never once have I heard a local Fox affiliate slander, misquote, manipulate reports/views, inject strong republican opinion in to news casting, etc in regard to Obama, not a single socialist-granny-killing-secret-Muslim-anti-gun remark once.

      • Fred Smith

        After Fox, Abc is the second most biased and most definitely leans right.

  • Frank

    “If we don’t speak out, we’re part of the problem.” And if we do, we look like idiots! ROTFL!

  • northierthanthou

    The anchors at Fox have all sold their souls long ago; no such displays will happen there.

  • stacie1

    Rumor has it they are going Fox News Channel

  • Fred Smith

    Local news programs on the Fox network are not the same as Fox News the channel as far as I know. Ailes does not have any say or control in what they do and he is the one that has turned the Fox News channel into the den of lies and deceit.

    So bias may exist but it probably varies quite a bit from station to station on the network. This is hardly a sign of cracks at Fox news the channel.