‘We rate this statement true’: Grover Norquist, “Romney is a Poopy Head”

Trying vigorously to strip Obama of any mandate, Anti-tax crusader and head of Americans for Tax Reform Grover Norquist told CBS on Monday that the reelection was undeserved because Mitt Romney, was portrayed as a “poopy head.”

Politico reports:

“The president was elected on the basis that he was not Romney and that Romney was a poopy-head and you should vote against Romney,” Norquist said on CBS’s “This Morning.” “[Obama] won by two points, but he didn’t make the case for higher taxes and higher spending. He kind of sounded like the opposite.”

But during a series of appearance on morning TV shows, Norquist, the leader of Americans for Tax Reform, tried to put the brakes on any deal that would include tax rate increases. At one point, he mischaracterized Obama’s positions.

“Obama is not interested in taxing the rich,” Norquist said on CBS. “He admits there’s no money there. He runs a $6.7 trillion debt assuming he raises taxes on high-income people.”

Watch the other ‘poopy head’:

Grover Norquist is indeed what is wrong with this country, which as reported here, so are his compatriots in the Republican party, who signed his unrelenting pledge. Republicans sign pledges for every fucking thing. Anyone who signs should be given the title forthwith as a Big Poopy Head.

Is Mitt Romney a Poopy Head? ‘We rate this statement true.’ Romney and Ryan both signed the Norquist pledge. We rate Grover Norquist as the King of Really Stinky Poop.

  • Retired MS teacher

    Which is the bigger problem in the Congress, tea baggers or Grover Norquist??

    • Same differnce

      Which is worse for my diet, salt or salt?

  • http://twitter.com/FranDavey Frances Davey

    Is that the same thing as a poopy butt head? Because Romney is one of those too.

    • Anomaly

      He is sooo many things. One of them is, ‘boring’.

    • Cosmic Surfer

      As above, so below – In Romney’s case they are one in the same

  • rich

    norquist is right….raising taxes will kill the economy even more than it already is…..b.o. is a 60’s style marxist……wait till the makers stop making and you takers have nothing left to take…..then you will cry like the baby piglets that you are……….