We’re here to help: Directions out of America for disgruntled Republicans Planning to Flee

Who says there are no good samaritans in the world — Republicans are planning on fleeing America because our Socialist, Maoist, Marxist, Commie President was reelected. We’ll take two routes, one in which Jeff Brucculeri, a Tulsa, OK traffic reporter, tries to help out disgruntled Republicans with travel directions.


Wasn’t that nice? Some are planning on moving to Australia.













Again, Australia’s “President” is a Prime Minister. “He” is actually a she. And lastly, she is an atheist, but I still want to help so here are some directions.

First, go to the airport. Ask for a ticket to Galcaio Airport. Australia is now pronounced: ‘Soh-mah-lee-a’. It’s a modern thing you hipster GOPers aren’t privy to. When you see beaches from the window, relax. You’re almost there.

And now, for some reading material for your trip!

AAA countries according to Standard & Poor’s:

Note: All of them have Socialized Health Care.

Have a nice trip!

Video H/T: Alan.com

  • Putin

    Russia is nice this time of year.

    • U235U238 & Pluto-nium

      Especially Pripyat city in the Ukraine. Land is cheap and they wouldn’t have issues with over-crowding and over-population (Chernobyl)

      • Vladimir

        Chernobyl is perfect. It’s not inhabited right now.

    • http://www.facebook.com/markedward.talboom Mark Edward Talboom

      And you won’t be far from the US. You can see Sarah Palin’s backyard from there.

  • ColeBastich

    I’m willing to help any Republicans in my area pack for the trip… Though, I guess, then they wouldn’t have “built that” trip for themselves… It’s alright, I won’t tell anyone I actually helped.

  • http://gplus.to/novenator novenator

    Just so you fucktard conservatives know, you can’t bring your guns to Canada. I live very close to the I-29 corridor, so by all means, feel free to leave them with me. I love guns. I’d love to have your guns, and isn’t that better to have a progressive gun user have them than some government?

    • Angry old rwnj

      I knew u were comin’ to git our guns!

  • Flinthart

    Look, you lot: just because you don’t want the idiots any more doesn’t mean you’ve got a right to dump them on the rest of us. Don’t you realise there are international protocols on the disposal of toxic waste? They’re your problem. You created them. You have to figure out how to detoxify them.

    • Steve

      Absolutely. Keep those turds with you. or better dump them in Oceans.

  • animalmutha

    Ok seriously folks every comment here is HILARIOUS! As is the story itself. And to Ms. Neel, while I may not agree with everything you have to say (possibly anything) I do hope you continue to “twit’ as you have unwittingly (pun intended) unleashed a truly hilarious backlash and I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. I just don’t understand how Romney could have lost with this kind of dedicated constituency; perhaps she inadvertently cast her Red State vote into the drive-thru window at the nearest Chick-Fil-a. RECOUNT! Oh and when you go would you mind terribly taking that unemployed girl from the ice cream shop in California, Denise Helms. She actually may be looking for a quick ride out of the country right now. And while your at it, why not John Schnatter; CEO of Papa John’s, Ann Coulter; Nutcase, and if you’re going right by Russia why not grab Sarah Palin too as sugested by Talboom? But please by all means leave us Carl Rove and Donald Trump; at least for a little while. I’ve been waiting too long to see this Christian-Right / Tea Bagger / Birther implosion debacle to have it cut short now. Kisses! Ok, Bu-bye now!