WND banning ‘leftist trolls,’ says their ‘study’ caught them by their use of correct grammar, intelligence & education

It’s almost as if Republican readers at WorldNetDaily, haven’t read what they comment on, or each other’s comments. The birther conspiracy site has had a brainstorm: the king of Internet disinformation plans to ban trolls for, “disinformation.” And, the geniuses at WND Internet forum moderators have conducted “extensive studies.” Except, they don’t delve into their alleged studies or the methodology used.

Nothing CRAZY to see here. Move along citizen.













WND concludes from their extensive sleuth-like super-secret studies:

Typically, trolls operating on WND forums attempt to defend Obama by posting specious and diversionary arguments with the goal of changing the subject and obscuring topics that could damage Obama, such as his birth records, life narrative, political history and policy preferences, including his current positions as president.

Wait, so now the birther conspiracy site admits to Obama having birth records, or are they saying that ‘trolls’ are trying to obscure the truth, that Obama was born in Kenya, then as a baby, he must have foreseen  his future as the leader of the most powerful country on Earth, so the only option Baby Obama would have is to murder any witnesses, such as the doctors who oversaw his birth — of course! Because if not, said witnesses could have come forward previously or (hint hint) during this past election.  Then the murderous baby, swam to Hawaii, snuck into a hospital and faked his birth certificate and the birth announcement in the local newspaper. Obama was one clever babby.

Are you confused too?

Here, they appear to be onto us! No, it couldn’t be real conservatives who make violent and generally aggressive comments at WND.

  1. Posing as a conservative and making comments that discredit the movement. After claiming to be a member of the movement, such as a tea party organization, the troll then proceeds to post long, incoherent diatribes to appear either racist or insane. In some cases, these “Trojan Horse Trolls” have been known to make posts that advocate or incite to the use of violence in an apparent attempt to provide evidence to leftist critics and government sources that the right is comprised of “radical extremists.”

All of these comments which we reported one year ago, must have been made by fake Conservatives. Yes, all of them. For some unbeknownst reason — boredom most likely — I dropped a short comment after one man threatened Occupiers by “taking them out.” You will also learn that they cannot spell.

“You plan on taking us out?” I asked. That was the totality of my comment which for some reason prompted WND readers to castigate me, then threats poured in quickly — all from different users. 

Anomaly OneHundred you got that right, don’t go to sleep. we will set your sleeping bag on fire, he, he, watch out here we come.”

“Anomaly OneHundred Like all lower forms of life, you think you are safe in your percieved invisablness….your not. “ [sic again]

“Anomaly OneHundred Say hello to Van Jones for me,,,and George Soros, you can thank him for the money that started all this. Ever hear of the term Useful Idiots,,,look it up. It was a term used by the Communists that took over Russia from the Czars then murdered them all when they took control. Don’t know about you but I am getting ready for the worst. I leave others alone but don’t screw with me,,”

“You’re being protected mostly now by the Mind Numbed Media and most Police,,, Start messin’ with the Rednecks and see how far you get with your Socialistic Crap,,,, I’m Just Sayin’ [sic]

Another Thing ANOMALY MAGGOT,,,

At least the Rednecks among us aren’t afraid to show our faces and use our Real Names………”

“Anomaly OneHundred : count on it. We will protect ourselves and our homes from the trash that you are. We are better equipped and better trained than you thugs will ever be. And besides, we have a vested interest in what we protect and preserve. Do you have anything you stand for other than anarchy and destruction?”

There are oodles of more icky WND replies to my comment, all because I asked, “You plan on taking us out?” Apparently, my evil question prompted a shitload of violent responses, all of which must have been created by leftist plants, if you believe WND’s ‘study’.

For the record: You are not allowed to deem them as conspiracy theorists or lunatics anymore, even though it’s true, mmkay?

Making false associations. In this technique, the position of honest posters is characterized in derogatory terms. For example, a troll may call advocates of Federal Reserve reform or abolition “conspiracy theorists” or “lunatics.” Or, by suggesting certain political arguments are “racist” or otherwise outside the accepted confines of serious political discourse, trolls attempt to dissuade readers from examining the evidence objectively.

Well duh! There are no racists on WorldNetDaily — except for the majority of their readers — and the owner, Joey Farah, who cannot accept the proven legitimacy of our first Black President.  And they have proof. Their proof is a post written over  a year ago, titled AMA on another site, where an alleged paid troll, who provides no proof claims that he or she visited sites for years, only to display an example of extreme right wing views in order to make Republicans look bad. This brings to question: the writers at WorldNetDaily (and we know they are paid) must be paid trolls as well, because they highlight the most extreme and embarrassingly insane ideas — and yes, lovably zany — members of the Republican Party embrace.

How do they know if you’re a paid leftist troll? Well, one reason, according to the WND geniuses, is the use of “reasonably correct spelling, grammar and punctuation, suggesting both intelligence and education.” OK, so now we can conclude, by their conclusion, that their ‘true Conservative’ readers are dumbasses.

(my bold)

And, if you’re wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, you will get a time out, I suppose, since the image they used was of Anonymous activists wearing the ubiquitous mask, yet no mention is made of the online collective.

ProTip for WND: All you have to do (say it with me now) is moderate your comment section, and remove the violent rhetoric.

FreakOutNation’s admin, @ComgenKDT made me — yes, he forced me — write this post. Unless, he’s a plant from WorldNetDaily. Mind = blown!

The not crazy, all truth telling, not conspiracy laden image from: Joe. My. God. Joe, may or may not be an undercover author/blogger plant, who may or may not venture over to WND and have the audacity to use correct grammar. I am not at liberty to say. Also, I don’t know him.

  • Free Republic

    There are no racists on WorldNetDaily or Stormfront. Or in the KKK. Quit playing the ‘race card’!

    • Reality calling

      A ‘free” republic only if everyone goose-steps in lock-step with the insanity of self-absorbed, immature and hostile ideologues of WND and their friends with only, maybe, a single personality in total once adding them together.

      • wcarver

        A very scary personality. Their IQ’s, on average, are about
        room temperature and the extent of their knowledge can be written
        on a 3 x 5 card (with a crayon)

  • Sally

    No problem, WND. I wouldn’t go near your hate site. It would take too long to get the stink out of my clothes afterward. Let the haters hate. They will be the ones needing that government assistance when they have their heart attacks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000205474086 Jim Hubbard

    There is a reason we call it the World Nut Daily. It’s the sort of journalism that makes Fox Nation look like the Harvard Law Review.

  • http://www.facebook.com/JayEmersonSux Jay Emerson

    “It’s almost as if Republican readers at WorldNetDaily, haven’t read what they commet on, or each other’s comments”


  • jefftav

    It’s not the hateful stuff that gets moderated. It’s when you really start to poke holes in their stories. I got banned for posting high-def links of Obama’s “Muslim ring”, which debunked their article.

    • Sindigo

      I just got banned for posting evidence of evolution. Respectfully, too.

  • beckerist1

    Hate to do this but this article has a couple misspellings…you sure you’re not Republicans?

    First line “haven’t read what they commet on” (comment)

    Later on “Obama was one clever babby.” (baby)

    • Teh Googles
      • beckerist1

        It tends to reduce the credibility of a site when they resort to memes, let alone ones that are rarely used. You’re only reinforcing my point

        • Joey Farah

          Humor is evil.

  • http://comgen.blogspot.com/ ComGen

    Post about WND without speeling an gammar errors’ itself wood not be complete!.

    • Joey Farah

      I recognize you. You’re the plant from WND.

    • Anomaly’s commas

      “Wood” not be complete? Aha!

  • http://mollysmiddleamerica.blogspot.com/ Middle Molly

    Can we possibly get some anti-schizophrenic drugs distributed through our water supply?

    Oops.. guess that wouldn’t work. Anti-schizophrenic drugs don’t work well on normal people…

    Well.. we’ve got to keep thinking. There’s got to be SOMETHING we can do about all of these numnuts.

  • http://twitter.com/harold54321 Leonard2

    Just think. If freakoutnation was to ban leftist trolls I would be the only one commenting here.

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