Bobby ‘the exorcist’ Jindal is very sad today, school voucher program ruled unconstitutional

A judge in Baton Rouge, La. ruled against Gov. Bobby Jindal’s school voucher program, finding it unconstitutional. Diverting money from public schools into private schools was at issue. State Judge Tim Kelley also said it unconstitutionally diverts local tax dollars to private schools.

After two days of testimony, Kelley ruled in a lawsuit backed by teacher unions and school boards seeking to shut down the voucher program and other changes that would funnel more money away from traditional public schools.

I feel sad.












Governor Bobby Jindal issued the following statement today regarding a court’s ruling on the Louisiana Scholarship Program:

“Today’s ruling is wrong headed and a travesty for parents across Louisiana who want nothing more than for their children to have an equal opportunity at receiving a great education. That opportunity is a chance that every child deserves and we will continue the fight to give it to them. The opinion sadly ignores the rights of families who do not have the means necessary to escape failing schools. On behalf of the citizens that cast their votes for reform, the parents who want more choices, and the kids who deserve a chance, we will appeal today’s decision, and I’m confident we will prevail. This ruling changes nothing for the students currently in the program. All along, we expected this to be decided by the Louisiana Supreme Court.”

But this should be good news for Jindal. The Governor has to look at the big picture. Jindal recently declared that Republicans need to “Stop being the stupid party” and there is no better place to start.

We need to ask — since he brought it up —  Bobby ‘the exorcist’ Jindal to take the lead in eradicating stupidity in the Republican Party. It must be a sad time for him not being able to teach kids about the time when Dinosaurs and humans hung out together, roaming the Earth, and telling jokes.  I realize that not being able to tell school kids about that great group of toothless guys in the KKK makes him sad, but there is a greater good. And of course, how wonderful slave masters were. 

Or, he can appeal it and ramp up the stupid — which is already in the works.

Image: The Progressive Puppy.

  • LHR

    I don’t understand why he just doesn’t fix those “broken schools.” If there is money for vouchers, there is money to fix schools.

    • Bobby Jindal

      Nah. That’s too sensible and there’s no religion in it.

    • tiredoftea

      Because the rethugs want them broken in their sustained assault on public institutions. They don’t want any government services that weren’t available in the nineteenth century.

  • BatonRougeResident

    Shouldn’t the generosity of the christian schools take in the poor, uneducated masses? Also, if the parents were already of that religion, shouldn’t their kids already be going to that school? Oh, wait, that isn’t what today’s religions are all about. They are all about politics, money and hating anyone that isn’t like them, especially gays…

  • shivabeach

    The great education he refers to is pure and simple religious training. It has nothing to do with a better education

  • pcinsc
  • Chris Cheramie

    If you want public schools fixed, force elected officials to send there kids to aid schools.