Courageous GOPer fights imaginary war, drafts ‘Merry Christmas Bill’ instead of legislating on actual problems

Ten bucks says you can guess within seconds which news station this GOPer watches. Texas State Rep. Dwayne Bohac (Big-R) is having a political hissy fit over the mythical War On Christmas, so much so that instead of legislating something of value, he’s presenting his voters with a bill titled the, “Merry Christmas Bill.”










“If I hear it referred to one more time as a holiday tree or a holiday party, I’m going to throw up,” Bohac told Fox News. “I’m taking these rulings by the Supreme Court and codifying them in a state law to give teachers and administrators a safe harbor to point to when drafting their policies regarding winter celebrations,” Bohac added

Instead of legislating something significant, such as, oh I dunno — on the economy, gun laws, helping the poor, the lacking education system in Texas and a host of other more relevant issues, the Republican lawmaker from Houston has introduced legislation to protect traditional Christmas greetings, decorations and displays in public schools.

“I think it’s sad that I have to file a bill like this,” Bohac told Fox News. “But because of the censorship going on in our public schools and the fear of litigation teachers live with – I’m trying to provide a measure of protection.”

According to the Texas Tribune, the idea for the bill came after Bohac heard from his first-grade son last year that his class had decorated a ‘holiday tree’ with ‘holiday ornaments.’ OMFG! A holiday tree. That certainly deserves prompt action from our already dysfunctional Congress. It’s more than likely that the tree in question was deemed a Holiday Tree in order to be inclusive. But, we can’t have that in Texas now, can we?

As for this  supposed battle  in which no legislation has been drafted to remove Christmas, Bill O’Reilly the propagator of this imaginary war has covered the “War On Christmas” more than three times as much as actual conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and Gaza.

As a Christian from the left, I wish all of our readers a Happy Holiday this year and all the years to come — unless the Zombie Apocalypse hits us on Friday.

If that occurs, never mind.

Image: Texas Tribune. 



  • Sally

    If the Zombie Apocalypse occurs, let’s hope Satan just takes his happy followers of the cliff, and leaves the rest of us who respect ALL beliefs, to celebrate the winter holidays in peace. Hey Bill-O, wanna lead the parade to h***?

    • Anomaly One Hundred

      If Zombies storm Fox News on Friday they will walk away hungry.

  • paule gaudy

    not everyone is christian you myopic morons.

  • Jim Hubbard

    “I think it’s sad that I have to file a bill like this”.

    Well, the rest of us think it is sad that you feel the need to waste taxpayer money in thinking that the bill should have EVEN been filed.

  • hart

    God Bless this bill. It was an act of courage!

    • Fiona Mackenzie

      “Courage” consists of being in a majority religion, spitting in one’s neighbor’s eye because he or she exercised First Amendment privileges,by not groveling to your demand that they voice a ritual phrase of your religion?

      • Fiona Mackenzie

        Think about the courage of your neighbor in choosing not to recite a ritual of YOUR church, even though his not bowing to your god brings on prejudice and contempt and other kinds of hardship in a society dominated by people like you.