Dear Climate Deniers, this just in: Carbon pollution is up to 2 million pounds a second

Gov. Jan Brewer stated yesterday in lockstep with her climate denying colleagues, “Everybody has an opinion on it and I probably don’t believe that it’s man made. I believe, you know, that weather elements are controlled by other things.” Unfortunately, she didn’t care to mention what those ‘things’ were. But, now this just came out via the AP: Carbon pollution is up to 2 million pounds a second.

GOP, “It’s not man made!”











We’re fucked. At this point the amount of heat-trapping pollution the world cranked out (man made) rose again last year by 3 percent. So now scientists say it’s now unlikely that global warming can be limited to a couple of degrees, which is an international goal. Which was an international goal.

Most of the carbon dioxide pollutants came from China. The United States and Germany were the only countries that reduced their carbon dioxide emissions. The AP reports: The total amounts to more than 2.4 million pounds (1.1 million kilograms) of carbon dioxide released into the air every second.

The 2011 figures for the biggest polluters:

1. China, up 10 percent to 10 billion tons.

2. United States, down 2 percent to 5.9 billion tons

3. India, up 7 percent to 2.5 billion tons.

4. Russia, up 3 percent to 1.8 billion tons.

5. Japan, up 0.4 percent to 1.3 billion tons.

6. Germany, down 4 percent to 0.8 billion tons.

7. Iran, up 2 percent to 0.7 billion tons.

8. South Korea, up 4 percent to 0.6 billion tons.

9. Canada, up 2 percent to 0.6 billion tons.

10. South Africa, up 2 percent to 0.6 billion tons.

Even a Koch funded study concludes that this is mostly a man made issue, yet none of their political puppets are listening to science. In order to better this planet we would have to do something extraordinary: Work together. I don’t see that happening unfortunately.

I’m not being negative, just realistic:

Global warming skeptic set to chair House Science Committee:

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), a skeptic of man-made global warming, is set to take over the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology in the 113th Congress.

I’m sorry. I can’t hear you. That resounding noise came from me. Facepalm.


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