Even 61 percent of Republicans want taxes raised to avoid going over the ‘fiscal cliff’

With the so-called ‘fiscal cliff’ looming, where innocent kittens will drown and the Zombie Apocalypse will begin, our politicians are not actually negotiating.  The ubiquitous word ‘no’ is resounding in our ears as we face the edge of the cliff.  Soul searching Republicans are unwavering to raising taxes on high-earners, but in a recent poll even 61 percent of Republicans surveyed said they would accept raising taxes on the wealthy to avoid going over the cliff.








Reuters reports:

A Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll released late on Wednesday …held the potential to shake up the stalemate. Three-quarters of those surveyed, including 61 percent of Republicans, said they would accept raising taxes on the wealthy to avoid the so-called cliff, as Democratic President Barack Obama is demanding.

“With Republicans in Congress already divided, that rejection by their own supporters of the core demand of Republican House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner could further weaken his position.

“Both sides refused to give any ground in public, one day after what Boehner described as a “frank” conversation with President Barack Obama about the remaining hurdles to a deal.”

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The people have spoken not only in polling time and time again but also in the reelection of President Barack Obama.

The juvenility in Congress must end.  And we can be more juvenile than they are if pushed to the brink, after all, we do not work for them. They work for us. What better way to solve two problems at once, then to hold a Congressional monkey knife fight on the edge of a real cliff? Our dysfunctional Congress would be ‘taken care of’ and so would our economy. It’s a two-for-one special.  And it would be far more entertaining.

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