Fiscal Cliffing: This is the House that John Built, #BoehnerShambles

House Republicans called for a closed meeting at 7:45 PM ET on Thursday, after endeavoring to round up enough necessary votes to pass Speaker John Boehner’s “Plan B” to avert the supposed ‘fiscal cliff,’ CNN’s Deirdre Walsh reports. And now, the House Speaker’s bill which included an extension of tax cuts on income up to $1 million “did not have sufficient support,” according to a statement released.  Within those 15 minutes, Boehner’s political world crumbled. The House Speaker could not even get enough support from Republicans for Plan B to pass. The House is now in recess until after Christmas. Eric Cantor said no vote tonight, or tomorrow — the bill has been pulled.









Deirdre Walsh tweets, “House schedule just released – adjourned til after holidays “when needed.”

John Boehner (R-Ohio) previously tried to amp up the pressure on President Obama  telling him to come up with something “serious”

With a looming stand-off over the so-called fiscal cliff, John Boehner and the GOP’s polling numbers look dismal. A majority of Americans believe Republicans are too extreme and need to compromise more then Democrats in any bipartisan solution on the country’s problems, according to a new survey. 

And now, after another gut wrenching episodic debacle, the fiscal cliff issue is dead in the water. Perhaps the GOP should get ‘serious.’

Earlier Paul Ryan touted one of his biggest lies yet stating, “With respect to taxes, heh, what we are trying to do here is limit the damage to the taxpayer. There’s not a single tax increase that we’re proposing here, not a single. What we’re saying is, prevent as many tax increases as possible from hitting anybody in this economy.”

Heh. In fact, that’s wrong.

Think Progress reports:

However, Plan B would allow the lapse of several key tax credits — including expansions of the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit — meaning that it would raise taxes on millions of low-income and middle-class families. The Tax Policy Center found that nearly one-quarter of Americans in the lowest income quintile would see their taxes go up by an average of $934.

John Boehner “built that.’

Missing in Action:  Has anyone seen the Tea Partiers who passionately embraced misspelled signs insisting that the government get their hands off of their Medicare? Well right now, GOPers are after Social Security and their outrage is nowhere to be seen. The former was not the truth. The latter is a fact.

  • Mitch McConnell

    What’s to become of us NOW, John?

    • Ashley Judd

      I can answer that.

  • Biting Reality

    Sorry guys – you waited too long for the end of the world, buying what was sold by a tiny contingent of screeching psycho wingnuts called the TEA PARTY.

    We-want-our-guns-cuz-Obama-gonna-come-in-and-take-em-since-we-be-the-only-people-between-freedom-and-tyrannical-islamofascist-regime-of-the-caliphate mentality is psychotic. Mass histrionics by the willfully ignorant spurred on by the manipulations of those like FOX, Murdock, NRA, Beck and churned and burned into a frenzied delusional action. For an entire political party to allow themselves to be moved by a contingent of psychotics shows they are as deluded and controlled as Jim Jones manics on steroids with the grape kool-aid flowing from the ALEC cooler