Gov Scott Walker shrugs, has no idea what was going on just a few feet away from him

Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) wants you to know that he had no idea what was going on less than twenty feet from his office.  In fact, he goes as far as to say that his former Deputy Chief of Staff did no illegal campaign work for his campaign, but for “for somebody else,” while working in his Milwaukee County Executive’s Office. In addition, Walker — while wearing his concerned face — wants to clear this up so that he can get to back to important issues like jobs. The jobs he has failed miserably at creating. Wisconsin has waited long enough for the jobs Walker has promised,  with few results. 

From our friends at Blogging Blue: 

….Republican Gov. Scott Walker claiming ignorance of the felonious criminal political activity of his Deputy Chief of Staff during Walker’s time as Milwaukee County Executive.

Scott Walker’s claim that he was completely ignorant of Kelly Rindfleisch’s criminal political activity – activity that Walker’s gubernatorial campaign benefited from – is absolutely one hundred percent mind-blowingly idiotic, considering Kelly Rindfleisch engaged in her criminal political activity less than 20 feet from the office occupied by Scott Walker. What’s more, as I’ve documented before, Scott Walker was the recipient of at least one email sent by Rindfleisch while she was engaging in her criminal political activity.


Let’s look at his ‘I didn’t know’ claim. Did he also not know about this?

Tim Russell, a former aide to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker when Walker was the Milwaukee County Executive, pleaded guilty today to one charge of embezzlement for stealing money meant for a veterans’ charity that Walker had assigned Russell to oversee.

Russell is the fifth Scott Walker associate to be convicted of wrongdoing discovered during a John Doe investigation that began in 2010. Russell was originally charged nearly a year ago with two felonies and one misdemeanor count of embezzling funds from the veterans’ group and from two political campaigns. Two of those charges were dropped as part of today’s deal. The District Attorney’s office also agreed not to charge Russell with misconduct in office in connection with a secret email system Russell helped set up in Walker’s County Executive offices. That system was used by Walker aides Kelly Rindfleisch and Darlene Wink (and perhaps other county employees) to do campaign work on county time.

Or the countless others?

The two and a half year old  corruption investigation into Scott Walker isn’t getting better for the Governor. While trying to stay in office during the recall efforts, he transferred $100,000 of campaign money to his legal defense fund, which brought the total to $160,000. Beginning with Darlene Wink’s fall from grace, the house of cards seems to be crumbling around Walker as more and more of his aides have come under investigation. Veterans funds have been pillaged. Aides have been arrested. Jobs have not been created.

The investigation continues and each day Governor Walker looks more complicit or perhaps he’s just completely inept at knowing what goes on around him, just a few feet away in a 10 person office.



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