Grover Norquist threatens to revive an old corpse if he doesn’t get his way: the remaining few tea partiers

Anti-tax crusader and all around asshole Grover Norquist said Sunday that if President Obama pushes the country over the supposed “fiscal cliff,” there will be a tea party backlash stronger than the movement that influenced the 2010 midterm elections, bringing in a wave of freshmen in the House.  “Tea Party two is going to dwarf tea party one if Obama pushes us off the cliff,” threatened Norquist on NBC’s “Meet The Press.”

You do that Grover. The lackluster appeal of the Tea Party is duly noted; rallies have been cancelled due to a lack of participation.

The last tea partier.









The Tea Party folks, wearing revolutionary garb while donning tea bags off the brim of their hats, are so 2010.  Back in 2010, they were relevant because they were the most vocal as they descended on Washington D.C. embracing mostly misspelled signs, some of  which read, “Taxed enough already” just after Obama lowered their taxes. What can they do, play the “Obama is a socialist’ card? The last ‘patriots’ clinging to Tea Party ideology are predators; the very problem at the core of the fiscal cliff talks. And for fuck’s sake, the Tea Party didn’t even like Mitt Romney before he was nominated.

So Grover, you go grab those last two or three confused elderly tea partiers and march to Washington with threats of a revolution. That worked out so well last time.

In March, in western Colorado, the Tea Party died, along with the anti-tax ideology that has taken over the right.

From in January titled, ‘When the tea party died.:

I don’t know what happened between November of 2010 and January of 2012, but from the looks of things the Tea Party died.

Stay down Tea Party. Your ideology is the problem.

Bring it Grover. Just for laughs.


  • Last tea partier standing

    I’m too tired. Get off of my lawn Norquist!

  • Randall E. Winn

    Tea Party who?

    Wasn’t Tea Party some sort of band or contestant on American Idol? I’m sure they weren’t on “Survivor”.