It is ON: Austin Troopers Arrest Santa Claus & Corey Elf, #FreeSanta rally begins

Why would anyone arrest Kris Kringle, the famous long-haired peacenik? Austin police arrested the sleigh rider for chalking Christmas wishes to the world on the sidewalk.

Image: Occupy Austin

Image: Occupy Austin














Occupy Austin reports:

“Today I saw the jolly red elf at the Capitol, cheerfully requesting that children write their wishes for a better world in chalk on the sidewalk. Santa said his favorite word was ‘Community.’ Various children wrote words like ‘Peace,’ ‘Friendship,’ and ‘Grace,’” said Occupy Austin’s Lainie Duro, a witness to the arrest.

After wrestling Santa to the ground and placing handcuffs on him, activists also arrested Corey Elf after he used sidewalk chalk to write “Free Santa.” Both were arrested for Criminal Mischief, while Santa may face additional resisting arrest charges.

So, not only did they target Santa, but also Corey Elf. File this under: profiling.

It. is. ON:

Occupy Austin called for a Free Santa Rally to begin at 6pm at the Travis County Jail (500 W. 10th St) and to continue until Santa Claus and Corey Elf are released. “DPS has overstepped all boundaries today and I will stand and wait for Santa. I hope he’s out quick, I hear he still has a lot to do to get ready for Tuesday,” said another witness, Christopher Michael, a member of the Occupy Your Capitol group.

Apparently the cops in Austin aren’t avid readers. Santa Claus keeps a nice and naughty list. They can expect a lump of coal for Christmas. Kids all over America will be directing their anger toward the Austin cops. Have they met my niece? She’s going to be pissed!

  • Dam Spahn

    You can walk down the street with a gun in a holster, shoot somebody whom you claim made you feel threatened, and you’re A OK. Write “Peace” on the sidewalk and get wrestled to the ground, cuffed, and thrown in jail. Freakin’ Texas.

  • Fiona Mackenzie

    Not just Texas, although it’s one of the bad ones. The use and control of government force to suffocate “left wing propaganda” like peace and coexistence and community and friendship is consistent with many of the other society-shattering activities of the corporate leaders who have already drained this country of enough wealth to create a deep recession and make recovery incredibly difficult and slow. They want the rest, though, which will be harder if people remember they care about each other.

  • George Post

    Something tells me those good ole boys, despite being violently contemptuous toward homosexuals, are paradoxically okay with forcible and aggravated prison-sodomy as a “rehabilitative tool” for law-breakers. Oh well, nobody ever said they weren’t moral hypocrites, or had anything like a consistently logical philosophy.