John Boehner caught being himself: No ‘Difference’ If Revenue Comes From Middle Class Or the Wealthy

President Obama and John Boehner both sought to cast themselves as the true voice for the country’s middle class in dueling speeches on Monday night, and today, the House Speaker has just quit trying to portray himself as a warrior for the middle class. As if we didn’t know already; the protectorates of the wealthy have refused to allow tax cuts for the middle class to pass unless it includes tax cuts for the wealthy.  Boehner told Fox News Sunday that it doesn’t matter if the government raises revenue by reducing programs that benefit lower and middle class Americans or asks the wealthiest to pay more.








Think Progress reports:

Chris Wallace (HOST): You talked about the fact that the President won and you came out with a concession the day after the election and they point out that the president campaigned on raising tax rates, you know, and it was the big issue, between him and Romney, and, they say, just as he had to cave, after your victory, in the 2010 midterms, now, it is your turn to cave on tax rates.

Boeher: Listen, what is this difference where the money comes from? We put $800 billion worth of revenue, which is what he is asking for, out of eliminating the top two tax rates. But, here’s the problem, Chris, when you go and increase tax rates, you make it more difficult for our economy to grow, after that income, the small business income, it is going to get taxed at a higher rate and as a result we’re gonna see slower economic growth, we can’t cut our way out of this problem, nor can we grow our way out of the problem, we have to have a balanced approach and what the President wants to do will slow or economy at a time when he says he wants the economy to grow and create jobs.


If there is no difference then let’s take the burden off of the middle class. John Boehner is ‘better off.’  Mitch McConnell is much ‘better off.‘  The middle class is disintegrating before our eyes, so I suggest that there is a difference. Since GOPers cannot comprehend why safety nets are vastly important to the elderly, Veterans, the middle class and the needy, then they need to go back to the point just a week ago when their party was reportedly soul searching.


  • Mitch McConnell

    You were’t supposed to say that out loud John.

  • tiredoftea

    When stupid goes out in public!

  • Randall E. Winn

    In addition, Boehner’s just lying when he says higher income taxes on the top end slows job creation, because money retained in a business is not income and therefore not taxed.
    For example, if you’re a small business owner with $1 million more in revenue than costs. If you leave that $1 million in your business by expanding production and hiring more workers, you pay zero tax … it’s all business expenses. Only if you take it as income do you get taxed; and a higher income tax encourages you not to do that.

    • FredPSanford

      I keep shouting this off of rooftops. No one listens. No one wants to listen. Makes me sad.

      • Rooftop dweller

        Is that you on my rooftop? Is it?