Just in case you missed how crazy NRA’s Wayne LaPierre speech was, he doubled down today

As reported here, National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre gave a press conference after going silent after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, which resulted in the CEO coming off as the craziest man on Earth. That is not an exaggeration.















LaPierre stopped short of blaming grannies, kittens and ponies; the blame was directed toward video games, the media, and pretty much anything except guns. ‘NOT GUNS’ was the entirety of his rambling speech.  Even the right wing newspaper the New York Post identified LaPierre as a ‘Gun nut’ and a ‘loon.’ Democrats and Republicans alike called out LaPierre over his insensitive public meltdown, with the exception of Michelle Malkin who took the Sarah Palin route by blaming the demonization of poor, poor gun mafia head Wayne LaPierre on the  ‘crazed, anti-gun, liberal media.’ Obviously Malkin has not read the papers.

One would think after his rambling crazy person 30 minute presser that LaPierre would rethink his tactics, but instead even with David Gregory who is normally known to interview by throwing softball questions and feedback, the gun king still came off as an incoherent mess.


The NRA  has evolved into a right wing propaganda machine, whose vested interests do not include advocating for those who have mental issues to be given gun restrictions, as LaPierre would have you think. In fact, it’s been an uphill battle. The gun lobby began a campaign to water down state requirements “proving” a person with a history of mental health issues was competent enough to own a gun again.

It’s possible that said restrictions would limit LaPierre’s right to bear arms, after all, he is now deemed the Craziest man on Earth.

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