Majority see the GOP and its policies as too extreme, most believe Republicans should compromise

A majority of Americans believe Republicans are too extreme and need to compromise more then Democrats in any bipartisan solution on the country’s problems, according to a new survey.  

Fifty-three percent of Americans polled said the GOP and its policies are too extreme, according to a CNN/ORC poll; up 17 percentage points from just two years ago after Republicans took control of the House in a tea party wave. What’s telling is the timeline, and the increase in numbers of disapproval after the Tea Party led the path for the GOP controlled House.

Only 37% say they view the polices of the Democratic Party as too extreme.










53 percent also said Republicans should compromise more. However, Americans don’t want the GOP to lose control of the lower chamber, according to the poll, indicating those polled do not want Democrats to have unchecked power in Washington.

CNN reports:

It probably doesn’t help that House Speaker John Boehner, who’s leading GOP fiscal cliff negotiations with the president, is held in fairly low regard, particularly in comparison to Obama. According to the poll, 34% of the public approves of how the top Republican in the House handling his job. By contrast, the president’s approval rating stands at 52%.

“Small wonder that nearly half say they have more confidence in President Obama than in the congressional Republicans and that nearly half (48%) would blame the GOP if the fiscal cliff occurs,” adds Holland.

Thirty-seven percent said they would blame the president more, with 11% saying they would point fingers at both sides equally if no agreement is struck to avert falling off the fiscal cliff.

Fewer than a third say they trust congressional Republicans more than President Barack Obama to deal with the major issues facing the nation.

After the Tea Party took control of the House, President Obama compromised far more than necessary to the point of House Speaker John Boehner stating that he got 98 percent of what he wanted in the debt deal. It’s time for Republicans to own up to the fact that the people have determined — by vote and countless polls — the direction they want this country to go to, and it’s not to revisit  2010.

Image: NC Policy Watch


  • Bigdog327

    The grand old party is the same old party! I hope they never change, they may never hold the highest office in the land again.