Obama in Detroit: “So called Right-to-work laws don’t have anything to do with economics. They have to do with politics.”

This must have been awkward. President Obama flew in for a visit to Detroit, Michigan. One of the politicians meeting the President was Governor Rick Snyder, who has popped up in the news far too frequently in recent days after pursuing his party’s anti-union agenda. During his speech which was geared toward the economy and his administration’s tax standoff with congressional Republicans, Obama said, “These so called right-to-work laws, they don’t have anything to do with economics. They have to do with politics.”

The President added, “We don’t want a race to the bottom. We want a race to the top. America is not going to compete based on non-skilled, low pay, no workers’ rights.”

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One of Michigan’s top newspapers, who supported Snyder for two years agrees. In fact, they went even further and called Gov. Synder’s deceptive tactics “pure greed.”

So it had to be a bit uncomfortable for Snyder to meet with the President at the airport especially knowing full well that he’s being called out not only by Democrats, but also by Independents and even some Republicans; one in particular being a Tea Party Republican.

Detroit Free Press reports, “Obama said Detroit Diesel will will invest $120 million in its Redford Township plant and create 115 new jobs.”  That’s what we call job creation, not union busting for partisan purposes. The president discussed the success of the auto bailout. stating that it has added over a quarter of a million new jobs.

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  • Rick Snyder

    In fairness to me, I felt really bad for a nanosecond as I fucked you all.

    • The People

      In all fairness, in the mood of the season, I really think the people of Michigan should reflect over your time as governor and do the ethical, reasonable thing and throw your ass to the curb

      • Scott Walker

        I disagree.

        • The rest of the people

          Same goes for you little Koch boy

          • Scotty Walker

            Thank you.