On Fox News: In his very lady-like voice Lindsey Graham says for Obama to ‘man up.’

If you recall last year’s debt ceiling debacle which resulted in our country’s credit rating being downgraded for the first time in history, now apparently Lindsey Graham wants to revisit that time. Last week President Obama said , “We can’t afford to go there again.” He added, “The only thing the debt ceiling is good as a weapon for is destroying your credit rating…. I will not play that game.”

“This morning on Fox News, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) responded, “Yes, we will play that game.”

Yes he did go there. Division is the only thing left in that empty space the GOP once called a soul.

And worse, Graham squeaked out his words it in his very lady-like voice. Perhaps he should woman-up and emulate Hilary Clinton.

It’s sickening to hear Republicans repeat falsehoods, trying to portray Obama as a spendthrift.  How soon they’ve forgotten the Bush administration which devoured our economy. I don’t recall these same GOPers speaking squeaking up then, yet these are the same Republicans who would vote in Bush again if it was at all possible.

This is a spendthrift.

I have an idea: Lindsey, you ‘man up’ and quit falling in lockstep with your failed party and do something good for this country.



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