Paul Ryan’s new budget is just like his old budget, the same $716 billion in Medicare cuts Romney rejected

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan propagated a lie — well many lies but this one sticks out a bit more — during their campaign.  Repeatedly during the campaign, Romney was in attack-mode over Medicare, stating that President Obama is cutting $716 billion from Medicare as part of his signature healthcare law. Actually, the savings from Medicare  was to keep the program solvent and the timing was coincidental to Obamacare. But, during a Presidential campaign, that’s just another pesky fact in the way. Instead of supporting Obama’s plan to reign in badly needed tax revenue, Republicans are focused strictly on cuts to necessary programs.













Before reading on, I wanted to add an excerpt from Katrina vanden Heuvel’s article in August:

Ryan’s budget isn’t courageous — it’s just cruel. Three-fifths of the cuts he wants would hit those with low incomes, while those who have the most would continue getting more. It’s no wonder the former altar boy has had his knuckles rapped by a group of nuns for peddling a budget that “rejects church teaching about solidarity, inequality, the choice for the poor, and the common good.”

Ryan’s claim to courage — beating up on the poor notwithstanding — lies in his supposed willingness to tackle tough fiscal issues without obfuscation or sugar-coating. This would be admirable – if it were notutter nonsense. He preaches the need for austerity while refusing to touch defense spending. He doesn’t specify which tax loopholes would be eliminated to pay for massive tax cuts. He voted against stimulus to help the whole country, but for the auto bailout to help his own congressional district.

Ryan is a hypocrite.

Via Daily Kos:

Those $716 billion in Medicare cuts in Obamacare that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan lied about all through the campaign? The $716 billion that were in both of Paul Ryan’s budget proposals? They’re back, in Ryan’s next budget proposal.

Ryan, the House Budget Committee Chairman, had preserved Obama’s Medicare cuts in two consecutive budget proposals that repealed the rest of the Affordable Care Act. Ryan is now back at work crafting his next budget, and Republicans on his committee say the $716 billion in Medicare cuts will likely survive.Rep. Rob Woodall (R-Ga.) said the $716 billion cut is part of the committee’s over-arching plan to save and reform Medicare. He said he doesn’t expect Ryan to back away from any part of that goal just because Romney was on a different page.

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The Hill reports:

Woodall said it’s hard to predict the specifics of next year’s budget outline because so much could change during negotiations over the looming “fiscal cliff.” But he praised Ryan’s leadership in advancing a plan for Medicare and said he doesn’t expect the committee to “dodge” that effort.

That’s likely because they have no plan — with exception to Ryan’s  resurrected Medicare cuts. The only part of Obamacare Ryan did not want to repeal was the Medicare savings, but that was also what was used to demonize the President.

Romney previously backed away from Ryan’s plan, but now all bets are off for the young ideologue since their campaign sank like a rock. The remarks made by team Romney, claiming that it is Obama who would fundamentally change Medicare, and not the obviously complicit party would be laughable if the the bus wasn’t driving down the road with the elderly under its partisan wheels.

First they complained that Obama cut too much, even though it was necessary to keep Medicare solvent without fundamentally changing the program into a voucher system, and now they’re saying he’s not cutting enough.

It’s not as if we didn’t know that Ryan has a truth telling problem. 



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    So does this mean we’re breaking up Paul?

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    Why do the Republicans hate good things like Social Security and Medicare?

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    Republicans are trying to kill the poor and middle class.