Poll: Congress rates only above car salespeople in honesty and ethics

Congress  is caught up in another fiasco, this time with the supposed ‘fiscal cliff’ looming in the background. Gallup released a new poll rating honesty and ethics in Congress. Only ten percent of Americans rate the honesty and ethical standards of its members as very high or high, which out of 22 professions surveyed Congress only rates higher only than car salespeople.

Fifty-four percent gave lawmakers on Capitol Hill the lowest marks possible which was the highest negative rating of the 22 professions polled. Thirty-four percent gave Congress an average rating.

You guys really suck.









Last year’s 7% honesty rating for members of Congress was the lowest on record. Nurses rated the highest in all of the professions measured, outperforming doctors.  Bankers show a slight uptick — which is really confusing. Police officers, teachers and clergy fared well; journalists and lawyers did not.

I have an idea for Congress. Reform the filibuster.

Gallup states, “These ratings technically measure Americans’ perceptions of the honesty and ethical standards of various professions, but most likely stand for an overall, broad assessment of the image of each profession tested. As such, the results continue to be bad news for politicians, who remain in the bottom half of the list, particularly including members of Congress — who this year are better than only car salespeople.”

Question: Who are the people that gave Congress high ratings? At least with car salespeople you actually get something for your money.
  • Car sales guy

    Wow Congress. You really do suck.

  • http://myshambhalavillage.wordpress.com Paul Frank

    Well done Anomaly.

  • Hank

    Rated far too generously!!