Rachel Maddow nails it: Exposes Gov Rick Snyder’s deceptive anti-union efforts in Michigan

Rachel Maddow breaks down the union busting efforts in Michigan from the Voter fraud billboards that popped up during the Presidential election and their correlation to the anti-union efforts, to the main players. Governor Snyder’s deceptive move was all too transparent, as Republicans once again try to erase their opposition. It’s a game to them, and they don’t play nice.

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Ms. Maddow begins by breaking down the timeline of events , “Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan announced a press conference at which he reversed his long held and very publicly held stance against changing union rights in his state. That was at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday. An hour and a half  later, by 12:30 p.m., the Capitol police had shut down the Capitol building so protesters and members of the public could not get in. By 3:15, bills to strip union rights in the state were taken up in both chambers of the state legislature. By 4:00, there was a court order to reopen the state capitol to let the people in again. But before 5:00, before an hour was up, the house had already voted it through. Then before 8:00, the Senate had voted it through as well, and it was done. It was done, all in one day that didn’t even start until an hour before lunch time. all in one day between 11:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., start to finish. and tomorrow, after a very minor amount of house keeping in the legislature,  Governor Rick Snyder says he is going to sign it. It’s not like this is what the campaign was about. Snyder was against this. This wasn’t what the legislative race was about this year.”

At this point Maddow tells of Obama’s visit to Detroit.

And this is where the show changed a bit. Rachel brought up that only Democrats are meeting to ‘try to talk the Governor off the ledge.”

It was not always like this about union rights in Michigan or anywhere, but specifically in Michigan. It was not always a Democrats versus Republican thing. The specific union rights that Rick Snyder and the Republicans in the legislature seem to be about to strip in that state were enshrined in Michigan law in the first place by this guy, former Michigan Governor George Romney, father of Mitt Romney, revered Republican figure, and frankly, revered figure in Michigan state politics. Governor Rick Snyder’s office is in a building called the George W. Romney building. They hold him in high regard there.

So, not only did their guy Mitt Romney not win and thus far, the line to throw him under the bus is growing, but now even his father, who has always been considered one of the good politicians, is now being disregarded. His bipartisan legacy is being thrown under the bus.

Maddow welcomes a guest on her show: A Republican for union rights, asking “Why do you support union rights and what do you think is going on with your party?

Watch as he calls this, ‘A sad day in Michigan.”

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If Governor Snyder’s efforts were honorable why did he take the steps he did; secretly, quickly and decisively? GOP, you do lose gracefully. Reportedly Republicans are ‘soul searching’ in an attempt to find out where they went wrong. I hope in an attempt at finding their soul they run into Gov. Snyder’s dick move. It is all over the news after all. They don’t have to look very hard.


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    I can’t wait for the day, I can ask someone: Remember the GOP LOL!

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      The GO who?

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      So you will be happy with a one party system? Not that I’m a gop lover, but we need more parties, not less.

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        I didn’t say that! But if you consider the GOP Clowns still a party, then yes!

      • markq_99

        More parties=More division.

        We have somewhere around 30% of eligible voters who actually cast their vote. That leaves 70% who dont. If we divide that vote by 6 parties, that would mean 6% would ‘win’ the election.

        I dont want 30% telling 70% how to live, let alone 6% ruling the other 94%.

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    what is the point of reporting on reporters? Find your own story.

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      U mad bro? I know it’s difficult when your own people are called out but you can live with it.

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        That was the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. I’m a democrat and I fucking love Maddow. What I don’t like is fucking hack writers leaching off of the the work of real journalists so they can sell ads on shit websites populated by people like you who are too fucking dense to get the news from the person that actually put the work into writing the story.

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          So… you don’t like the Internet? It’s a blog. They don’t have the budget of MSNBC to track down stories and they want to cover something that someone else has better information on.

          Also, I don’t see any ads on this page. If anything, it serves as an ad for Maddow’s show.

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            I love the internet. I love that you and I and “U mad bro?” can openly discuss this shit. What I don’t like is people trying to make money off of other people’s work.

            Hey, I can’t afford an iPad but that doesn’t mean I can go to your house and take yours. Them not having the resources to do this kind of story doesn’t give them the right to steal other people’s work. You want to write about a story that a real journalist broke, that’s fine. Do some research on your own and at least try to add something to the discussion. Have an opinion, fuck ask a dude on the street what he thinks. Do some sort of journalism. This article might have well been titled, “Rachel Maddow is pretty smart. Here is what she said.”

            If Freakoutnation wants to be a news aggregator then they should have a short description and a link to the actual news source. There is no journalistic integrity in “writing” an article about a real article where 90% of what you’ve “written” is a quote. It’s just stealing.

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            And many sites have blogged our content. I’m proud of that and it brings attention to our content. It’s what sites do. It’s called, ‘blogging.’

            You’re wasting my valuable time now. And again, you are free to leave. In fact, I insist.

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            How dare you call me smum!

            “you deserve to work 16 hours a day for nothing.”

            Just because of you I’m going to get more ads. Thank you!

            At least have the balls to use your real online name. But, that would mean that you’d have to stand by everything that you say — be a person of conviction. At least stand tall and be proud of who you are. Don’t be scared. Not *everyone* will think you have issues. Maybe there’s a group of people just like you. You could join them and fight the Internet, against all sites (Left leaning ones of course) that do not echo your political leanings. And then bury any content you dont like. Speaking of ‘smum.’

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            Angry Person Rants
            by You Suck

            Today an angry person ranted on a bad website. He said this: “You sound like one of Freak’s little stalkers. Digg Patriots try to lay the same claim. It’s only bad if this site does what every site does and reports the news. You don’t even fake being a dem well.”

            It appears he is neither very happy or very literate.

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        She’s mad because the GOP showed how reality challenged they are and her white horse lost. Gonna act out until she destroys all her toys then go outside and eat worms

  • unionfreeisme

    Not a fan of Snyders but don’t have a problem with this. Unions did great work years ago but nothing in the past 60 except collect forced union dues. If they are good at what they due members will pay the dues. If not, then they will have to work harder.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000205474086 Jim Hubbard

    Snyder and the rest of the Michigan Republicans have been playing shenanigans since they rode the Tea Wave into power. They passed the emergency law and now pass bills requiring a majority that would require some Dems to support the bills, where no Dems would support them, by a quick scan of the room being considered a legitimate counting of the votes. Michigan is the closest thing the U.S. has to a banana republic.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.blows.1806 Joe Blows

    Honey boo boo gonna make it all better for you losers

  • http://twitter.com/ThePoliticalHat The Political Hat

    The union bosses started this by trying to entrench their elite privileges at the ballot box. The people rejected the unions power grab. Gov. Snyder and the legislature then moved to protect non-union members from the abused privilege the unions have of forcefully taking the money of non-members. The bill was rushed through to prevent the pathetic drama that was seen in Wisconsin.

    This is a triumph for the 1st Amendment!

  • Cosmic_Surfer

    Looks like the freepers are all upset about the loss of the god chosen white horse. Must be

    More screeching on this blog by whiny narcissist ideologue pretenders to conservatism than a nursery before feeding time.

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      Pretenders? Them too? Oh fuck.

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        Just can’t get away from the little babies whines can we? Such a tiny minority of immature little children but they screech worse than a little boy who slammed his dick under a toilet lid

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        And not THOSE Pretenders – besides they stopped being so good when they lost half their original members

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          I heard a song of theirs once. Don’t remember it though.

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            If you listen to crush slimeball, you would hear him abuse their song as ‘bumper’ music.

            He was asked to not use it but just like all conservatives, the rights of the artist belong to the wealthy and not the artist.

  • Linda Staffulani

    Rep. Sander Levin (D-Mich.), a vocal opponent of right to work who met with the governor to urge him to veto the bills, quickly sent out a statement saying the push to repeal the law needed to begin immediately.

    • Linda Staffulani

      We need to push this right away. Mr Snyder, I am so sorry that you don’t like the way people is talking about you. But you know this is going to happen. Now we are going to push you out of office…Talk of recall I will sign that with a smile on my face just like you.

  • Nikki

    I can’t stand Snyder. He’s another GOP idiot.