Shorter NRA: The media and video games are to blame for the massacre. Bring more guns into schools.

A few F-bombs may have been accidentally on purpose been typed out loud. 

National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre in a press conference, while looking visibly shaken after several interruptions by protesters —  blamed every fucking body except for our country’s lax gun control laws. According to LaPierre, the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut and others like it, the cataclysm of such violence has to do with video games and the media. While contending that the NRA’s silence after the massacre was due to respect and grieving, LaPierre never addressed why his organization quickly shut their Facebook page down immediately thereafter — unless that’s a type of grief counseling that the rest of us aren’t privy to.














To be sure, LaPierre is a Fox News fan and WND reader. His shaky words poured out  of his mouth and seemingly came straight from their desperately worded pages. For example: End gun violence with more guns and never take responsibility for policies you may have taken part in that has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

The NRA lobbies on behalf of “stand your ground” laws and offers insurance to members to pay for the legal costs of shooting people in “self-defense.” There is no worse organization which funnels an obscene amount of money into politics.

LaPierre said, “If we truly cherish our kids we must give them the greatest level of protection possible, which is only possible by properly trained good guys.”

Oh the irony. LaPierre is the most complicit member of the NRA and he will deem who is good and who is bad, as if he’s Santa putting people on the nice and naughty list. Mother fucker, you are going down, and hopefully will end up a laughing stock in politics while spending your old age in a trailer park after lawsuits drown your ass.  Yes, I’m angry. Don’t judge me.

So, LaPierre introduces Asa Hutchinson to share a new program to keep our children safe. Even former RNC chair Michael Steele was confused by the NRA’s message.

Image: Kerry Waghorn


  • Hank

    “….blamed every fucking body except for our country’s lax gun control laws.”

    And the far left wants to exonerate every other consideration, blaming only guns, gun owners and the NRA. What’s the difference?? BTW…the Code Pink nut job doesn’t do that side of the discussion any favors. I just don’t understand what it is about the left that fuels their fear of legitimate dialogue and debate. For them, it’s just simply agree with us or shut up!!

    • Anomaly One Hundred

      Dear Hank, (see how nice I am?)

      Blaming video games is absurd. Grand Theft auto was created in England. Less than a dozen gun deaths occurred last year (I think I have that number correct).

      We’ve spoken before about this and I place blame also on the upbringing of our youth, but to be sure, LaPierre and his colleagues exacerbate the violence permeating in our society.

      Children were slaughtered and he went the Palin route, blaming the media instead of taking any responsibility whatsoever for our gun culture.



  • DeNeice Kenehan

    BU$ine$$ as u$ual, as in more government $ub-contract$.

  • Donna Criswell Mollaun

    He mentioned armed guards in banks. Banks are still robbed.

    • Anomaly One Hundred

      B…bu…but video games!

    • Biting Reality

      There was armed security at Virginia Tech, armed security at Columbine. Hell, there was armed PEOPLE in the crowd in Arizona when Gabby Giffords was attacked.

      Arming the public creates more fuel for fear and those who buy LaPierre’s form of gun sales advertising are as out if touch and irresponsible and LaPierre. His speech was for the sole purpose of denying, placing blame on others – to include victims, as well as promoting his owners’ interests – the gun manufacturers and dealers.

      Arming the public will only create more murder, mayhem and innocent lives lost.

      It has nothing – NOTHING – to do with “protecting” anything and everything to do with a zeitgeist that has turned to fear and loathing of everyone not “me” then handing out an extension with which to act out that fear and loathing as it is promoted by more fear. BIG money in all that and as any observant person van tell, La Pierre is paid very very, very well.

      His owners are fearful – their stocks falling; sales may be up but without the investor bucks, production will wane; and the potential of real action stopping the flood of human slaughtering equipment …

      ….to the streets of America by limiting gun shows …

      …mail order ….

      ….and cheap handguns, they see their future profits dwindling. It isn’t just the US manufacturers but those in neatly every 1st and 2nd world country across the planet…An entire worldwide system focused on the dumping ground of the fearful American immature.

      Don’t give me that shit of collectors and 2nd amendment. I sincerely doubt Jefferson, Madison, Adams and the rest would have thought that sales of high tech 100 round weapons to a paranoid ideologue was exactly the purpose of the 2nd amendment.

      LaPierre touches the psychotic fear in the dogmatic ideologues to whom he aimed his speech. That was not a speech to the general public. He knew there would be no intelligent, rational takers for his idiocy.

      His speech was a call to the few, the dogmatic and the willfully ignorant, irresponsible, testosterone challenged and he hit them dead center – a kill shot to the head to fuel no thought, no response-ability of reason and no responsibility. Just more fear and anger.