Teacher: Make image of White House submerged in water, praises student for image of Obama swimming to a bucket of chicken

What we would more expect to happen in a Southern State, just happened in Long Beach, California. Parents of Rancho Dominguez Prep School students are outraged after a long-term substitute teacher  gave an assignment to his students; create images on the White House underwater but with the stipulation that someone in the picture had to be drowning. Hmm…I wonder who the teacher had in mind? It gets even worse.

Junior Carnal Washington, a student said, “The highest grade in the class was a girl who had Obama swimming toward a bucket of chicken instead of his family. I thought that was sad, but when (the teacher) saw it, he started laughing.”


Washington described his creation, “My (project) was the president being saved instead of drowning him… so I drowned his wife and the dog,” he said. “I felt bad. It didn’t feel right drowning the president.”

According to The Los Angeles Unified School District the assignment was related to Hurricane Sandy. OK, let’s pause right here. What the fuck?

One of the parents, Mouine Taylor said, “I see no reason that our president should ever be drowned. I see no reason why the White House should ever be drowned. What did the kids get from this project?”

“I think this whole assignment is uncalled for. First of all, why are you putting the White House under water?” said parent Sandra Hermosillo.

The LA Unified School District has not confirmed whether disciplinary action against the teacher has been taken. Might I suggest removing the teacher, and then perhaps some much needed therapy?

H/T: CBS Local.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tacolar.mars Bigdog327

    Related to #Sandy? I think that Teacher failed Geography!

    • Cosmic Surfer

      I think the teacher failed Humanity

  • Jim Hubbard

    Seems the teacher has some personal issues that are being projected onto the president, abusing his position of authority to further them.

  • Voice23

    Actually the teacher told him he had to drown Michelle or the President and he chose Michelle. Carnal stated mom I didn’t feel right drowning either but I chose Michelle. The assignment didn’t teach anything. I don’t care who the President is even if Romney had won I would still have been upset about this. The News didn’t tell the full story . He told the students you have to drown the President and his family members.

  • Voice23

    The teacher also told the class all Asians drive Hyundai’s and all Hispanics drink beer and eat tacos . He told the students all stereo types are true. He was removed from the class on Friday . Probably relocated to another school, to cause damage to other children.