The Effect the Fiscal Cliff Could Have on Crime

The fiscal cliff set to take place at the end of the year will have a big impact on many Americans. Whether it causes citizens to pay more in taxes or have less opportunity to government resources, everyone will feel something from the changes that will go into effect.

Congress has several options to choose between and none of them look very appealing to Americans going forward. This is a time when many have already learned to cut back and are spending at their minimums because of the recession. There are still tons of people without a job and looking for employment into the New Year.

Facing a Recession

For those who have a job and have remained in employment during the recession, now face more taxes coming out of their income. This can be devastating as families try to work the new cuts into their budget. With the stress of the fiscal cliff results, many families will continue to struggle. The crime rate during stressful times is assumed to rise. More people will start looking to burglarize others to get money. As people become desperate, they will turn to crime instead of the government resources.


As government agencies lose funding, many resources that families and individuals depend on will no longer have that access. Not having any hope is another reason the crime rates will increase. As people grow frustrated with the government they may be more likely to turn to criminal activity. Drug use and alcohol abuse are likely to increase as those try to deal with depression turn for something to cover the pain and emotions.

Fiscal Cliff

This fiscal cliff will also be a time when political parties will argue against each other hoping to come up with a solution. If the past reflects the future, many will likely see the two parties go at it trying to decide what should happen with the budget. During this uncertainty, there will be a lot of anxious people not sure about their future. Companies may decide to close and layoffs will appear.

Other countries have dealt with the same financial issues and crumbled as a result. The government lost a lot of respect and angry mobs went on rampages. Though that is not likely to happen here in the United States, there will likely be some criminal actions that result from this rough period.

As the government works to figure out a solution to the financial woes of the country, many will turn to their own hands to make ends meet for their family. For some of those, criminal activity will be the solution to gaining money for their family by laundering money, robbing others, or racketeering methods. In any case, the economy is sure to see issues in crime dealing with the unexpected financial future of the country. Check out for information on dealing with crime in a neighborhood or community.

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