The largest White House petition ever: 248,000 sign to recognize Westboro Baptist Church as a Hate Group

When the White House began its ‘We the People’ online site, they probably never imagined that this  petition would rise above the rest in numbers.  The petition to recognize the Westboro Baptist Church as a hate group has garnered 248,027 signatures thus far, making it the largest online White House Petition since the site’s inception.







The petition site gives thirty days to collect at least 25,000 signatures in order for proper attention to be given by the White House. Since December 14th, just under a quarter of a million people have poured in to sign.

After Westboro’s church spokesperson Shirley Phelps-Roper tweeted plans to protest a vigil for the Sandy Hook victims to ‘sing praise to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgement’, the petition was promptly crafted by ‘Grant B.’

According to this, the collective activists ‘Anonymous’  produced a separate White House petition to strip Westboro Baptist Church of its tax-exempt status. The petition has garnered more than 63,385 signatures since December 16th.

Both petitions have gathered enough signatures for the White House to take notice.


  • William House

    The Republican Party is a Hate Group.

    • Grunt

      They are a cult, just like Westboro. They have lost their way and are engaged in poisonous activity that is harmful to the social and political discourse.

      • George Post

        The Democratic Party is at least AS cult-like, or more so, than the Republican Party. The Republican party tends to have too many reactionary dumb-rednecks that flip out over stupid shit that doesn’t matter, like violent video games or songs that aren’t going to change anyone’s behavior, They’re going to lose because, as reactionaries, they’re too busy going “What the hell?!?” to everything as it happens. But the Democrats are hardly the rightful inheritors of the American political sphere, as they create just as many problems, and are cult-like; intolerant of dissent, and stuck on fashion-think, and group-think. Their pushing of coffee-shop mores is hardly better than the Republicans “good ole boys” way of living.

    • jhudzik

      some hardcore republicans are.. but try not to generalize so much with stereotypes my friend

    • melbeee

      I’m a republican, but I am accepting of all people. Being republican does not make anyone bad. What makes someone bad has nothing to do with political party, it has to do with PERSONAL politics. Both major parties have bad people and extremist pockets – not just the republicans.

  • Dan Foley
  • Jesus Christ

    god doesn’t exist, get over it