The NRA helped Gov Scott Walker fight the recall efforts. He’s got NRA stink all over him.

The National Rifle Association’s toxic name is now embedded with Scott Walker’s, among others. The Wisconsin Governor also ran on a platform which has failed miserably.  Only through political gymnastics and exhausted voters did the anti-union Governor fare through the recall effort. 250,000 jobs were promised with results lacking. To accomplish another term Walker will need to be unaccountable for his failed leadership while scrubbing off the stink of the NRA.

Image: JSOnline

Image: JSOnline








As reported here, Governor Walker attended an NRA convention. During an interview, he gushed over Ted Nugent, one of the NRA’s Board of Directors.

NRA and Walker:.

JSOnline reports:

The NRA’s political and corporate arms dropped $815,660 in independent expenditures in Wisconsin to help Walker defeat Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in an unprecedented recall election in June, according to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

“Eight-hundred thousand dollars – that’s no small amount of money,” said Mandela Barnes, an incoming Democratic lawmaker from Milwaukee. “Of course, he’s not going to jump and be one of the first to endorse gun control regulations.”

Some of those NRA funds went for a TV spot that told voters: “Barrett has a rating of F from the NRA. Don’t let Tom Barrett recall your gun rights.”

By contrast, the governor was awarded an A-plus grade from the group. He was also a key speaker at the NRA’s national convention and the winner of its Defender of Freedom award.

On top of all that, the NRA Political Victory Fund gave $10,000 directly to Walker’s campaign, the single largest contribution made by the political action committee in 2012, says the National Institute on State Money in Politics.

“It was a no-brainer that the gun owners’ support was wholly behind Walker,” said Nik Clark, president and founder of Wisconsin Carry Inc., a gun rights organization.

Asked what impact the money from the nation’s most powerful gun lobby had on Walker’s views on weapons regulations, his spokesman offered a terse reply.

“None,” said Cullen Werwie, Walker’s press secretary.

None?  If that’s the case, why take the money?

Since becoming governor, he has signed measures to allow state residents to carry concealed weapons and to provide legal protection for homeowners who shoot and kill intruders on their property, something known as the “castle doctrine.” NRA lobbyists strongly backed both bills. Clark said his gun group will propose expanding the castle doctrine next year to those who have obtained a restraining order against someone else.

The most mind boggling talking point coming from politicians such as Walker, is feigning concern over the mentally ill — Wisconsin rejected the new Health Care Law.  So now they want to monitor disturbed individuals. Registering unstable persons sounds viable, however, wouldn’t it be a far better idea to also register gun owners? And where do we draw the line with registering mentally ill people? For example are all individuals suffering from autism now Enemy number one? But guns aplenty is somehow sane.  I know someone who suffers from autism. He appears to be far more sane than Wayne LaPierre and his cohort Scott Walker.

Surely the mental health provisions would promptly take guns out of Ted Nugent’s hands. Isn’t he on a death watch?


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