Ticking time bomb: Keystone Pipleline brought to you by Big Oil, coming straight through the heart of America

The Keystone XL Pipeline discussion is politicized just like climate change, both of which have to do with our well being. Big Money is funneled into the process and a realistic debate never occurs. Some things never go away: an oil spill. Just look toward the Gulf and disastrous  outcome of BP’s oil spill.  The oil giant and three of its employees were indicted on criminal charges including manslaughter and obstruction of Congress on top of a record $4-billion fine that the company will pay the government for its role in the oil spill disaster that scarred the Gulf of Mexico, officials announced, the LA Times reports.

If Republicans had/have their way Big Oil would have no regulations and thus far, the regs they do have are not enough. It’s in our hands  now. Get active.

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