NRA calls for more guns, while a guy walked up and down the street shooting people in Pennsylvania

The National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre in a press conference called for more guns to end gun violence. LaPierre went on to blame video games and the media. But definitely not guns!  That can’t be. Meanwhile, during the NRA presser  which was prompted by the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, another mass shooting took place with devastating results.












While LaPierre uttered the words, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,”  a guy with a gun killed at least four people and injured five more in a shooting spree in Pennsylvania.  Two state troopers are among the injured with at least one reportedly wearing a bullet proof vest – which protected him from, “guns.”  A third trooper was reportedly injured in a crash involving the suspect.

WPXI’s Courtney Brennan tweeted that  the shooter “was ‘mobile’ at one point and “went up and down a rural road and shot victims.”

The NRA lobbies on behalf of “stand your ground” laws and offers insurance to members to pay for the legal costs of shooting people in “self-defense.” What would be a better alternative instead of a bullshit, Sarah Palin-type ‘blame the lamestream media’ justification, would be to offer to pay for the funeral costs of the Sandy Hook Elementary School victims as well as the four dead corpses in Pennsylvania.

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  • Jeff Fecke

    If only the cops had guns. Alas.

  • manilatop10

    This happens every minute in our warring planet; it is what it is and that’s not an indictment on guns, imo

  • mrsgunka

    “Houston…..we have a problem!”

  • Sharon Gibson

    Really ironic that this happened as LaPierre pleads for armed volunteers in schools. Incidentally, “dead corpses” is redundant.

    • Biting Reality

      I guess you haven’t paid attention to the predicted zombie apocalypse

      • Anomaly One Hundred

        Predicted? It’s here. Have you seen Congress?

  • BanTshirts

    How messed up does your reasoning have to be to blame virtual guns rather than real guns?

    • Randall E. Winn

      It’s easy: just decide up front that you’re right, you’ve always been right. No “reasoning” is required.

      • dem0n0cracy

        That sounds like religion!

        • Biting Reality

          Actually it is dogma – dogma vs faith breeds fear producing more dogma

  • Randall E. Winn

    The armed guard at Columbine did his best but, oddly enough, the shooters were prepared. Almost as if they knew there was an armed guard there and figure out what to do next

    • Biting Reality

      At Columbine, they did know there was an armed guard there. The perpetrators were students

  • Sally

    Yes, I really want my grand daughter in a school with an armed guard. Who will these gaurds be? LaPierre recommended retired army vets..right, guys with PTSD in schools with a loaded weapon. And golly, which door will they gaurd? One room schoolhouses don’t exist any more, except in rural areas, and they have had shootings as well. I thought the NRA was going to offer something here? He neither offered to pay for all these ‘armed gunman,’ nor suggested training for them. And truly, with the easy availablity of military body armor, is this guy going to wlak around all day in 40 pounds of equipment, just waiting to shoot someone? And heaven forbid, he admit there is a problem with the NRA.
    Meanwhile, Governor Snyder moved one step closer to declaring himself czar. We can now only collect recall petitions for 60 days, not 90, and they have to go the the Board of Canvassers (guess who appoints them?) instead of to the counties. And then he gets on the radio and claims he is ‘working for all the people.’

  • Hank

    Inquiring minds would like to know why you omitted mentioning that this shooter was……shot dead by armed State Troopers as he tried to get away? Possibly to go somewhere else and shoot some more people??

    I know that kind of common sense really makes some people’s heads hurt, but there is a large amount of truth in the thought that, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” That is of course, unless he is allowed to go unmolested and unchallenged until he runs out of bullets.–finance.html

    • Biting Reality

      Hank….No matter how much you want to justify the psychotic fascination with guns in this nation, it isn’t going to fly. You tried to play the “mental health” game on another post but until you address the issue of a psychotic fascination with cold steel in the hands of the fools promoting them, stockpiling them or even just plain screeching about carrying them, you have no case.

      Freud and every other psychologist and psychiatrist of any worth (qualifier there since poseurs to the field like Krauthammer don’t count) have a field day with the psycho-social, psycho-developmental and psycho-psycho meaning behind that

      • Hank

        Well, I disagree with you and since you preemptively dismiss any authority that holds a differing opinion, I see little use in wasting my time. Thank you for your thoughts.

    • Anomaly One Hundred

      Dear Inquiring Minds,

      Only you have asked this question and appear to be incapable of following the link which I specifically left. Now, before troopers shot him down, he shot at least one law enforcement officer.

      This post however, is focused on the timing of it all. Wayne LaPierre is being trashed by Democrats and Republicans alike. If you cannot see how his presser went horribly wrong, then you cannot see the middle ground because you’re so far over to the right.

      Thank you for your thoughts.

      • Hank

        Oh. So it’s only one side that only sees or hears what is told to them by…oh….let’s say….FOX News and doesn’t take the time to read beyond the stuff that is fed to them?? (I read the link but was just curious as to why you didn’t mention that Good Guys with guns shot him and stopped him from driving away and possibly killing many more??)

        I don’t have to be far to the right, left or in the middle to have an opinion that differs from yours. I don’t think LaPierre is all that far off. Has nothing to do with my ideology. Just my core beliefs as a human being.

        And I guess this makes me even more a wild eyed, crazed gun toting nut!! But I think just about everything Mr. Huckabee says here is dead spot on!!!

        • Anomaly One Hundred

          You silly goose. Huckabee thinks it all has to do with God or the lack thereof. Yeah, Fox is a cesspool. Even Republicans are waking up to that.

          I hope you wake up too my friend. I’ll even buy the coffee.

          • Hank

            Didn’t you read the link?? 😉 It isn’t necessarily “God”. Huckabee didn’t say that and if he had, I would not have agreed with him. It’s the sordid state of our society as a whole. The “God” thing is just a part of it. And in my opinion, taken as a whole, what he says is very much spot on.

            I guess one person’s cesspool is another’s Green Space!! 😉

            And a Very Merry Christmas to you!! One of these days on one of my forays through New York, I may just take you up on that cup of coffee.

          • Anomaly One Hundred

            If you come to NYC and don’t take me up on the coffee (which may or may not contain a certain substance, which I may or may not have invented which forces a person to change their political leanings), then I will be offended.

    • Shyster

      Our state troopers and military are trained to protect us with guns. Good thing they were there. Maybe the untrained, murdering shooter should not have been allowed to get so many bullets.